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Welcome to PPI Association

Come on in! Welcome to the PPI Association (AKA Pacific Printing Industries Association) online community! PPI is a thriving non-profit membership based trade association serving a broad, ever-evolving industry engaged in the creation, production and implementation of Print, Visual and Graphic Communications.

PPI Association, along with the PPI Education Trust Fund is committed to promoting the individuals and companies we server while providing a variety of benefits and money saving programs. We continually strive to develop new opportunities for our members by remaining relevant and focused on delivering value. Our national affiliation with Printing Industries of America, the largest graphic arts trade association is a huge value add, with cutting edge resources and a network of thousands.

Our geographic reach is diverse, delivering products, education, consulting services and savings to the great states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Whether a CEO or owner of a 2 person company or a 300 person organization, a shop foreman, a sales rep or prepress guru - PPI is prepared to be your individual and collective partner in success on technical, financial and process excellence!

Welcome to PPI Association

Why are we here?

Simply, we want to be the energy that drives ongoing discovery, exploration, communication and regional business strength now and as you build for the future. Consider us ambassadors at a local and national level, getting involved with legislative advocacy, marketing and promotion of our member’s brands and capabilities to existing and potential customers.

By the way, as we embrace a multi-media world, we also believe that PrintROCKS!* And no matter what, we won’t stop believing! We appreciate what you’re doing and hope you’re maximizing your membership! If you’re not a PPI member, now is a great time to explore the possibilities in Print & Visual Communications with us by your side.Join Today


JulesJules VanSant ~ PPI Executive Director