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MHCC Winter Jobs Fest NW

Event Type: Special Event
Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Time: 10am-2pm PT
Location: Mt. Hood Community College

Funded by the Pacific Printing Industries Educational Trust, PPI participates in regional high school and college career fairs. Our mission is to build awareness of career opportunities in our region and to revitalize our shrinking labor pool.

The Winter Jobs Fest NW is for companies with internships and/or job opportunities for students, alumni and community members. The focus of this event is on spring and summer, seasonal opportunities, but employers are welcome to register if they have a peak hiring season in the winter. If your company does not have seasonal openings or experience peak hiring in the fall, please instead register for our Diversity Career and Job Fair in April instead.

PPI will be there! WILL YOU JOIN US? career fair

Students value direct contact with employers and creating that connection. YOU can help us make a difference in the future of our industry. Spend the morning, or even a couple hours, working the fair with us.

We welcome and appreciate member companies’ materials and swag to share with the students!

To participate and/or provide materials, please contact us - or 503-221-3944

Ed Trust

DONATIONS to the Ed Trust help fund this program.


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