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Art With Heart Bowling Fundraiser and Constructive Cocktails : Cheerleader Registration

Event Type: Special Event
Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017
Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Location: Acme Bowling, 100 Andover Park W #100, Tukwila, WA

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Time to raise more money than ever before to support our local <3 Art with Heart, celebrating 20 years of helping children overcome trauma through creative expression. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Lanes are limited but there are plenty of opportunities for fun & games for non-bowlers as well!

Please join us! Network & support this local, worthy organization! Sponsorship and donations are welcome for the lanes, fundraising raffle, and 50/50 drawing! Learn more about Art with Heart HERE.

CHEERLEADERS = $50 per person

Includes dinner, drink tickets, networking, prizes and other fun!

Event Costs:

Members: $50.00 per person
Non-Members: $50.00 per person


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