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Digital Substrates presented by GPA

Event Type: Webinar
Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am PST
Location: Online

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The Digital Technology Council is proud to bring you a fantastic webinar to help you better understand the latest technology in the print industry.

Technology used in the print industry has dramatically changed over the past decade, none more than digital workflows. Why are workflows so important? Because the efficient use of labor is the best way to increase profit within your company.

There is no special fee or membership needed for professionals and employees of PPI member companies to participate in the DTC. For now, the delivery of the education and resources will be through webinars and articles, although future face-to-face meetings and sessions will be offered through the DTC as well.

The second webinar being offered is, “Digital Substrates”. It will be presented by GPA. More details will be added here shortly.

Event Costs:

Non-Members: $39.00 per person


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