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PantoneLIVE: The Criticality of Using Physical and Digital Color Standards

Event Type: Webinar
Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Time: 12 - 1230pm PT
Location: Online Webinar
Presenter(s): Cindy Cooperman: X-Rite Pantone’s Global Director of Sales for Packaging & Brand

Nearly all printers are familiar with, and utilize Pantone Formula Guides in their day to day workflow, but many are not aware of the value of PantoneLIVE which delivers the color spectral values digitally, enabling printers to more quickly deliver the printed piece with less iterations and rework.

Webinar Benefits:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the Pantone Color Standards and PantoneLIVE, educating the audience on how physical and digital standards work together to improve efficiency at the printer, while delivering better color accuracy and consistency to the customer.

  • Advances in technology and advantages of incorporating a digital color library for color specification

  • Gain a clear understanding of cost and time savings of implementing such a system

  • Benefits of Integrating PantoneLIVE with ColorCert, Color iQC or our InkFormulation Software: When it’s time for production, converters, and printers along with their ink suppliers can make use of color formulation products like IFS and quality control solutions like Color iQC and ColorCert to connect to the PantoneLIVE Cloud. Press operators can measure printed output against PantoneLIVE dependent standards to ensure that spot colors are created precisely, taking into account substrate, ink film and more.

  • PantoneLIVE helps streamline make-ready, set-up, and production approvals. Since the produced color matches the color achieved during formulation and proofing, pressmen can consistently deliver on the brand owner’s original expectations.

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About The Presenter:

Cindy Cooperman is X-Rite Pantone’s Global Director of Sales for Packaging & Brand. She has been working in the packaging industry for over 17 years delivering value and solutions to the packaging supply chain starting with brand owners and designers through to pre-media partners, packaging printers / converters and ink companies. She brings together people, companies and ideas to introduce the relevant players in the packaging industry to adopt new technologies in practical and profitable ways. Cooperman joined X-Rite in 2012 from the Eastman Kodak Company, previously Creo Products, working in the Packaging and Strategic Accounts teams of the Graphic Communications Group. She is a graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications Management.

Event Costs:

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Non-Members: $39.00 per person


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