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Press Release - Komori Introduces the Lithrone GX44RP

Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

The Latest in OffsetOnDemand One-Pass Double-sided Printing Presses Carries on the Brilliant Performance of Komori’s Lithrone G Series

Rolling Meadows, IL, January 16, 2017—Komori Corporation announced today the introduction of its newest addition to the Lithrone G Series, the Lithrone GX44RP offset press. The ultimate in one-pass double-sided printing, the 44-inch Lithrone GX44RP, equipped with H-UV™, is designed to deliver high quality, high productivity and short turnaround stability for double-sided printing, perfect for applications like publication printing (magazines and books) and duplex package printing.

Key features of the new press include single-edge gripping which makes the margin on the tail edge of the sheets unnecessary—enabling paper costs to be cut by minimizing the sheet size—and the use of four double-size transfer cylinders, which eliminates sheet reversal and ensures stable sheet transport for handling either light or heavy stocks through. Additionally, front/back plate imaging is in the same direction, (just as with single-sided presses) increasing efficiency in prepress.

Supported by the KHS-AI integrated control system, benderless Full-APC and the H-UV curing system, the Lithrone GX44RP expands the OffsetOnDemand experience by providing cutting-edge short makeready and powderless instant drying to accommodate fast turnarounds. In addition, options that can be included are the A-APC Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changer, the PDC-SX Spectral Print Density Control SX Model and the PQA-S Print Quality Assessment System to achieve even higher levels of quality and productivity.

About Komori America Corporation

Tokyo-based Komori Corporation, a premier manufacturer of printing presses, provides world-class technology especially suited for today’s highly competitive printing marketplace. Delivering the highest level in print quality coupled with impressively fast makeready and open systems architecture, Komori presses help printers achieve the higher productivity and efficiency levels essential for increased margins and business growth. Komori America Corporation is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, IL and manages a sales and service organization throughout North America.