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Introducing the Cultural Assessment Tool from PIA

Posted Thursday, October 16, 2014.

Welcome to the Culture Audit Tool from Printing Industries of America

This quick, confidential assessment from Printing Industries of America is designed to help company executives improve their corporate culture. A healthy culture is related to overall company performance, which is why top companies monitor and manage their culture.

This free assessment tool is provided in support of the 2015 Continuous Improvement Conference, April 12–15, 2015, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the only annual event focusing on operational excellence and Lean manufacturing for the printing industry.

The audit tool asks you to respond to 32 short statements by indicating your strength of agreement or disagreement with each. Your answers should be based on how you believe your employees, on average, would respond. Once your response are entered, the assessment provides a scorecard of what you have entered (please print this out for your records). When a sufficient number of people have completed the culture audit you will receive a link so you can compare your responses to other executives.

Evaluating your company’s culture in this way should help you see opportunities for improvement. You can also use these questions to create a survey for your employees. Executives are often surprised to find that their perceptions are considerably different than their employees.