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Wage and BenefitDid you know that one of the top-rated surveys conducted by PPI is the annual Wage and Benefit Survey? Where else can your company access industry compensation practices from a regional and national perspective? Nowhere!

Each year PPI and all the Printing Industries of America Affiliated organizations conduct this project. Data from over 500 companies and more than 17,000 employees across the United States comprise the survey. From top management to the shipping department, you’ll see wages and salaries PLUS benefit practices. Survey results are broken out by region of the country as well by size of company.

Members who take part receive a FREE copy of the results. Members who don’t participate can purchase the results for $299; non-members can purchase the results for $599. All new participants can utilize the 2017 study results upon completion of this year’s survey in the interim. You can start the survey now online or download the PDF and mail or fax it to us. Final results will be published in October.

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