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Meet the PPI Team

Jules VanSantJulesVanSant

Jules VanSant

As the association’s Executive Director since 2006, Jules has championed the region with forward-thinking strategies for sustainability. Her high profile presence on national task forces, committees, and industry networking initiatives, plus her business and marketing acumen has positioned Jules as a leader and inspiration catalyst for the visual communications industry. Contact

Hannah KennedyHannah Kennedy

Hannah Kennedy

As PPI’s Membership and Programs Coordinator, Hannah is happy and eager to assist you. With her previous experience in arts administration and love for organization, she is driven by overcoming challenges and completing tasks. She loves hiking, strolling through art museums, and cuddling her cat. Please reach out to say hello, and let her know if you need anything at all! Contact

Farrah Fatemi

Farrah Fatemi

Farrah is an education specialist that is passionate about visual communications and loves the creativity and energy of the print industry. She has over a decade of experience teaching and conducting outreach, and is excited to work with industry partners to develop a strong young workforce. She also helps with content development, marketing, and administrative support at PPI. Contact

Bill StauffacherBill Stauffacher

Bill Stauffacher

Bill Stauffacher has represented PPI’s Washington state members in Olympia since 1995. Stauffacher Communications is a public affairs consulting firm that specializes in state government lobbying. In addition to supporting business sound regulation and legislation which benefits the print and visual communications firms PPI serves, Stauffacher also represents various corporations, business trade associations & non-profit organizations in Olympia. Contact