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Meet the PPI Team

Kristin colorKristin norm

Kristin Baldwin

Kristin Baldwin joins PPI as the new Executive Director with big shoes to fill left by Jules VanSant. She comes to PPI with a background in association management and has a design and marketing background as well. She is excited about the potential of print and visual communications to help businesses rise above their competition and looks forward to learning more about the individual members and their markets. Contact

Bill StauffacherBill Stauffacher

Bill Stauffacher

Bill Stauffacher has represented PPI’s Washington state members in Olympia since 1995. Stauffacher Communications is a public affairs consulting firm that specializes in state government lobbying. In addition to supporting business sound regulation and legislation which benefits the print and visual communications firms PPI serves, Stauffacher also represents various corporations, business trade associations & non-profit organizations in Olympia. Contact

tammy colorTammy Weatherly

Tammy Weatherly

Tammy Weatherly, administration/member services at PPI, handles accounting and office operations. She has worked in the office management, accounting and admin fields for various companies as well as with her husband for over 15 years in the print industry. Tammy prides herself on helping others achieve their goals. She recently relocated to Portland from North Carolina and is a native of Virginia. She is married with a daughter, two step sons and her beloved dog, Tom Brady. Contact

Ben ColorBenjamin Mertz

Benjamin Mertz

As our Outreach & Communications Specialist, Benjamin is excited to serve the association by maintaining an upbeat social media and web presence. Benjamin loves to learn more about our industry and the people who work in it. If you want to make his day, invite him to tour your shop! Benjamin loves roasting coffee in his free time and is an aspiring craft beer expert. You can also usually find him in the woods or climbing a mountain. Benjamin lives in Portland, OR with his wife Alex. Contact

Jules VanSantJulesVanSant

Jules VanSant

As the association’s Executive Director since 2006, Jules has championed the region with forward-thinking strategies for sustainability. Her high profile presence on national task forces, committees, and industry networking initiatives, plus her business and marketing acumen has positioned Jules as a leader and inspiration catalyst for the visual communications industry. Contact