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The Visual Communications industry continues to experience change, a shift in business models and ongoing challenges to remain relevant and create new avenues for profits and growth in a digital world. PPI is a non-profit 501c6 organization. The Executive Team and Board of Directors make decisions on spending the limited funds we receive to best serve the businesses who pay dues.

Being a sponsor of PPI and it’s membership base, whether through an individual event or on a larger scale, shows your commitment to the stellar businesses within our region and investment in THEIR futures. PPI continues to promote, support and educate our industry leaders of today and tomorrow through a variety of buying power programs, networking and educational events, research, and resources to create solid business platforms for the years ahead.

We can’t work on behalf of our members and future generations without the support of our vendors, partners and industry - related suppliers. Please consider getting involved!

Below is a sampling of sponsorship programs

Please contact us if you’d like more information about becoming a Platinum Sponsor.

Don’t pass up an excellent marketing opportunity! You can be an advertiser on our website and receive valuable exposure on our web pages and through PPI’s extensive social media and print marketing. Find out more!

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PrintROCKS! Awards Dinner    PPI Team Bowling Tournament    WhyVizComm Career Day       Print Industry Educational Events

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PPI Region Vendor Fair             Rock’n Constructive Cocktails      Student Poster Contest              PPI Golf Tournament

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Host a School-to-Work Day        Special Event Giveaways           Training Programs & Workshops