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RESCHEDULED for JAN 2018 -- Orientation to Graphic Arts - Seattle Area

Event Type: All Day Seminar / Workshop
Date: Thursday, October 5, 2017
Time: 8am - 3pm (but we try to finish sooner)
Location: WCP Solutions: 23200 64th Ave. S, Kent, WA
Presenter(s): Jules VanSant, Moderator + Joe Marin, Virtual Instructor

RESCHEDULED for JAN 2018 - Stay tuned!

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: New to the industry hires, those needing to expand their knowledge within the business, graphic designers, Human resource specialists in Print… and others who need a brush up course on terminology, processes and more.

DETAILS: This course is a complete orientation to the graphic arts, including an overview of printing processes; print production workflow; introduction to prepress hardware; introduction to prepress software; all about PDF; pixel images, file formats, and screening; color theory; preflighting, trapping, and imposition; the offset press; binding, finishing, and shipping; paper and ink; and cost estimating.

Learn more about course offerings HERE.

We will be utilizing video instruction as well as hands on learning and interaction to make this a comprehensive experience for all attending.

Includes beverages, snacks, lunch, interactive discussions, a workbook and Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

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