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2 Second Lean: A Practical Way to Improve Your Company and Your Life - Webinar

Event Type: Webinar
Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm PST
Location: Online
Presenter(s): Marc Braun, President, Cambridge Engineering

alt textDo your people fix what bugs them? That’s the simple premise of 2 Second Lean, which leads to employees making small improvements every day. The approach is having a profoundly positive effect on a growing number of manufacturers since the publication of Paul Akers’ book by the same name in 2011. This webinar examines the value of implementing a 2 Second Lean management system through the experience of Cambridge Engineering, a manufacturer of heating and ventilation systems. You’ll discover why it worked for Cambridge and how it can work for your printing or converting company. The webinar is in association with the 2018 Continuous Improvement Conference.

You Will Learn

  • The philosophy of 2 Second Lean

  • A path to total employee engagement

  • The #1 job of a leader in an improvement culture

  • Why “fix what bugs you” is the mantra of 2 Second Lean

  • How to create a culture that thrives on change

  • The role of videos in cementing and celebrating improvements

  • Lessons from one company’s transformation

Who Should Attend

  • Owners, CEOs, presidents, and other senior managers of printing or converting companies

  • Operations managers

  • Continuous improvement and Lean managers

  • HR directors

Webinar Presenter

Marc BraunPresidentCambridge Engineering

Marc Braun currently serves as president of Cambridge Engineering, a 54 year, second-generation family-owned manufacturer of heating and ventilation systems. Marc started his career with Dow Chemical 24 years ago. After working with Dow, he joined a Koch Engineering company serving the International Oil and Gas industry as their Director of Technical Advisors. He has served Cambridge Engineering over the past nine years in various roles including chief operating officer and executive VP of sales and marketing. Marc speak on topics near and dear to his heart of organization health and lean as critical elements of building a growth-based company.

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