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Come As You Are: Lunch & Ink Jet Open House – Seattle

Event Type: Special Event
Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Time: 11: 00am - 1:00pm PST
Location: Catholic Printery: Catholic Printery 6327 West Marginal Way SW, Seattle

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PPI and Ricoh invite all involved in print production to come as you are and see Catholic Printery’s highly automated operation where Church Bulletins for over 800 Churches in 8 Northwestern states are produced each week. Even if you don’t produce production ink jet materials right now, you’ll want to see the high level of automation and production efficiencies integrated into their operations.

President and owner Kieth Sterling founded Catholic Printery over 30 years ago providing weekly Bulletins free of charge to Churches and an effective way of small businesses to market their services to local church goers. The operation has transformed from a traditional lithography print shop and bindery to a highly automated fully digital workflow including PDF based pre-press processes controlling pre-flighting and submission of 800+ individual jobs during 3 days each week.

Jobs are printed as they arrive in full color on a Ricoh Infoprint 5000 GP duplex production inkjet printing system at 210 feet per minute and finished in-line as either half folded single sheets on an MB folder or as glued and folded signature booklets on an IBIS SmartBinder booklet maker. Finishing is controlled and diverted automatically in-line by printed barcodes applied in pre-press.

Kieth will take you on a guided tour through his shop during light production explaining the individual production steps while pre-press manager Eivind Engen will show the pre-press automation process. There will be time to ask questions during the tour and experts available to learn more about how the integration of this equipment produces so much efficiently.

PPI will also have industry data, best practices and more from last year’s InkJet Ready virtual conference available for all in attendance.

*If you’re a Seattle music history buff, this is a place where the emerging grunge & DJ movement saw its heyday & Kurt Cobain used to practice & play in the day…

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see digital inkjet production in live action!

RSVP Below or call 877-762-7742. We hope to see you there!

Event Costs:

Members: FREE
Non-Members: FREE


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