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The Evolution of Printing Plate Technology that is Causing a Revolution in How Printers Make Plates

Event Type: Webinar
Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018
Time: 11:00 am (PDT)
Location: online
Presenter(s): Tom Enge, US&C Business Development Manager, Eastman Kodak Company

Have you heard about printers that are reducing costs and streamlining operations by switching to process free plates, but you don’t think they would work for your business? In this educational webinar presented by Kodak, you’ll learn how a recent innovation in process free plate technology makes it possible for up to 80% of offset printers to now go process free.

You Will Learn

  • The history of the technology behind process free plates
  • The limitations preventing many printers from using process free plates
  • About recent technology innovations that will allow most printers to eliminate plate processing, including very large sheetfed and web printers, printing all sorts of offset applications, from packaging and commercial applications, to books and newspapers
  • What this change means for the print industry and individual printers

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners
  • Prepress managers
  • Pressroom managers

Event Costs:

Members: FREE
Non-Members: $29.00 per person


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