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OSHA FAILS: A photo montage of what NOT to do!

BE SURE TO BE SAFE! Title VII of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 had a surprise for employers, OSHA fines are going up, possibly by as much as 78 percent next August. Are you in compliance?

OSHA Fail .jpeg OSHA Fail-1.jpeg OSHA Fail-10.jpeg OSHA Fail-11.jpeg OSHA Fail-12.jpeg OSHA Fail-13.jpeg OSHA Fail-14.jpeg OSHA Fail-15.jpeg OSHA Fail-16.jpeg OSHA Fail-17.jpeg OSHA Fail-18.jpeg OSHA Fail-19.jpeg OSHA Fail-2.jpeg OSHA Fail-20.jpeg OSHA Fail-21.jpeg OSHA Fail-22.jpeg OSHA Fail-23.jpeg OSHA Fail-24.jpeg OSHA Fail-25.jpeg OSHA Fail-26.jpeg OSHA Fail-27.jpeg OSHA Fail-28.jpeg OSHA Fail-29.jpeg OSHA Fail-3.jpeg OSHA Fail-30.jpeg OSHA Fail-31.jpeg OSHA Fail-32.jpeg OSHA Fail-4.jpeg OSHA Fail-5.jpeg OSHA Fail-6.jpeg OSHA Fail-7.jpeg OSHA Fail-8.jpeg OSHA Fail-9.jpeg