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Health & Safety News

alt textHealth and safety are a major concern of every employer and employee. Employers need to take the necessary precautions in order to ensure that they provide a safe environment for their workforce.

The core of safety training focuses on written Hazardous Communication, Illness Injury Prevention, and Workplace Security programs—all available as PDF fill-in programs. Companies should supplement these programs by incorporating other material in this section (e.g., eyewash station, lockout/blockout, and safety sheets for employee training) depending on the nature of their business.

Our site has some of these documents in the reference area. See the following links to Hazard and Safety Websites from US OSHA as well as the individual PPI states:


Ergonomics in the Printing Industry:

As always, feel free to contact PPI directly for assistance in tracking down specific information / forms.

Health & Safety Newsfeed for Your Convenience

11/15/2018 - Company Announces Solar-Powered Autonomous Aircraft
Named Odysseus, it is described by the Boeing-owned company as "a groundbreaking persistence aircraft inspired by the need for climate and atmospheric research." view more…
Source: OH&S News

11/15/2018 - NZ Government to Re-Enter Pike River Mine
"I've been considering the re-entry recommendations, risk assessments, and information provided by the Pike River Recovery Agency, along with input from independent advisor Rob Fyfe. The re-entry method I have approved is the simplest and safest plan," Minister Andrew Little said Nov. 14. view more…
Source: OH&S News

11/15/2018 - HHS Working Group Calls for Tick-Borne Disease Strategic Plan
The Tick-Borne Disease Working Group, a federal advisory committee established by Congress in the 21st Century Cures Act, issued its first report Nov. 14. view more…
Source: OH&S News

11/14/2018 - Some Sandia Workers to Be Added to SEC
The class to be added consists of all employees of the Department of Energy, its predecessor agencies, and its contractors or subcontractors who worked in any area at the Sandia National Laboratories during the period from Jan. 1, 1995, through Dec. 31, 1996, for a number of work days aggregating at least 250 work days. view more…
Source: OH&S News

11/14/2018 - Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Receives $200 Million Gift
It is the largest-ever endowment gift to the Mayo Clinic. The school will now be known as the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. view more…
Source: OH&S News

6/11/2018 - Why Lock-Out, Tag-Out Is Vitally Important #LOTO #WorkplaceSafety
Note: The photos above are not intended for page views or shock value as I don’t believe that those methods truly teach you anything in and of themselves. I don’t know the particulars of the above accident, but I do know that the lack of a proper lock out – tag out (control of hazardous … Continue reading Why Lock-Out, Tag-Out Is Vitally Important #LOTO #WorkplaceSafety view more…
Source: EHS Safety News America

4/17/2018 - 15 Safety Precautions To Take When Working With Electricity
First published here It’s vitally important to take safety precautions when working with electricity. Safety must not be compromised and some ground rules need to be followed first. The basic guidelines regarding safe handling of electricity documented below will help you while working with electricity. 1. Avoid water at all times when working with electricity. … Continue reading 15 Safety Precautions To Take When Working With Electricity view more…
Source: EHS Safety News America

4/17/2018 - Free OSHA 10 Training PowerPoints
OSHA 10 is a 10 hour training course that provides basic safety education for entry level employees in construction. Topics include: Bloodborne Pathogens Electrical Safety Introduction to Ergonomics Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection Fall Protection Hazard Communication Hazardous Materials Introduction to Industrial Hygiene Machine Guarding Materials Handling and Storage … Continue reading Free OSHA 10 Training PowerPoints view more…
Source: EHS Safety News America

3/1/2018 - “(Video) Forklift Safety Tips”
Forklifts are a heavy piece of industrial equipment that are operated by a forklift certified driver. Because forklifts are often operated in areas that have other pedestrians and obstacles, they can pose a dangerous safety hazard to the driver and others around. Especially because they’re a few thousand pounds and have a certain science behind … Continue reading “(Video) Forklift Safety Tips” view more…
Source: EHS Safety News America

1/31/2018 - “Do You Inspect Your Hardhat?” “Do You Know When To Replace It?” #Hardhat #Safety
Click Here For PDF Handout – Hardhats or Falling Object Protection? – by Marko Kaar  An individual was working on a slurry wall panel installation. The crew had just finished hoisting a re-bar panel to vertical, when a 10″ cut-off piece of #12 re-bar fell 90 feet from the top of the panel, and stuck … Continue reading “Do You Inspect Your Hardhat?” “Do You Know When To Replace It?” #Hardhat #Safety view more…
Source: EHS Safety News America