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Employees Prefer a Retirement Paycheck

Posted Tuesday, September 4, 2018 by Joseph P. Trybula, CFP®, AIF®, Printers401k.

The shift away from traditional pension plans means today’s employees are largely responsible for their own retirement security. Yet many seem to long for the “good old days,” at least in the sense of knowing they will receive a monthly income throughout retirement.

What role should companies play in the retirement security of their employees, especially as it relates to steady retirement income? And how can employees best meet the need for a retirement income they can count on? Those were among the questions explored recently with about 1,000 U.S. employees.

While 54% of the survey’s respondents said they retain primary responsibility for their own retirement security, 27% said companies are primarily responsible, and 19% believe it’s the government that has primary responsibility. Asked if they would prefer a set retirement paycheck for life from their employer over a lump sum of money to invest themselves, 58% preferred the steady paycheck. Interestingly, that sentiment came not only from Baby Boomers, but also from Millennials.

Employees want to partner with employers

Employees continue to want to partner with their employers in the planning and execution of their retirement savings, the survey found. In fact, they said they want companies to be more involved in providing for their retirement security in the next five to 10 years; 61% of respondents agreed with that sentiment, compared to just 9% who said the employer should be less involved.

When asked whether they would prefer to set aside part of their salary into a company-sponsored retirement plan or into the Social Security program, about three-quarters said they prefer to channel their money to the company plan. In fact, 56% said they would prefer to save on their own rather than paying into Social Security, if those were the only two choices. Forty-four percent preferred Social Security to saving on their own.

This information, which was gleaned from MetLife’s Role of the Company Survey, released in April 2018, aligns with research that found a crisis in financial confidence among single female retirees; close to half of those surveyed are not confident their savings will last through age 90.

Annuities and advisors increase confidence

The concept of a paycheck for life could be realized, even without traditional pension plans, through the purchase of annuities. Among single retirees, 71% of women with an annuity felt confident that they could live the retirement lifestyle they want, compared to 56% of those without an annuity. The figure was 68% for single male retirees, whether or not they owned an annuity.

The same research shows that working with a financial advisor can have a significant impact on retiree confidence. Three out of four single men and women retirees who work with an advisor were confident in living the lifestyle they want, while 66% of single men and 54% of single women who do not work with an advisor feel that way.

Note from the editor: The Printers 401k® Success by Design Program is a collaboration of 401(k) specialists who assume specific fiduciary duties for your plan. The solution is designed to fulfill your fiduciary obligations, allowing you to continue serving as the plan sponsor without the liability and responsibility.

Companies that have participated in the Printers401k® Program have been able to:

  • Reduced Risk and Work
  • Lowered Liability and Plan Costs
  • Improved Plan Operations and Investments


Contact Joe Trybula CFP®, CPFA® today at 800.307.0376 or to learn more about the Printers401k® Program, or request a free Plan Analysis Report which provides you with a snapshot of your plan investments, costs and plan operations compared to other plans in the industry. This analysis can reveal strengths and areas of concern along with solutions to improve your retirement plan.

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Women in Print Alliance Stresses Empowerment at 2018 SGIA Expo

Posted Tuesday, September 4, 2018 by Kate Achelpohl, SGIA.

STAHLS’ CEO Carleen Gray will introduce featured speaker Kathy Korman Frey, who will focus on mentoring.

Fairfax, Virginia – The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Women in Print Alliance has finalized the agenda for its breakfast at the 2018 SGIA Expo. Featured speaker Kathy Korman Frey, Founder of Hot Mommas® Project, will lead exercises to empower women in the industry.

“There is a great deal of research on the importance of mentoring for career success. We will discuss the how and why of this together at the Women in Print Alliance Breakfast,” said Frey.

Hot Mommas Project is the world’s largest women’s case study library, which provides access to award-winning research used to increase self-efficacy. The project has reached and impacted women in over 129 countries across the world.

Frey will share research from her work at the breakfast through a series of interactive activities. The session will include a sample Hot Mommas Project case study analyzing the challenges a woman could face in a culture geared toward their male counterparts.

Participants will also discuss their goals and challenges with one another and will be asked to share advice and strategies to support their peers’ objectives.

“What I am most excited about is that the breakfast attendees will learn from and connect with one of the most important assets in their lives and for their careers: each other,” said Frey.

STAHLS’ will sponsor the Women in Print Breakfast, and their new CEO, Carleen Gray, will also speak at the event.

“I am looking forward to participating in SGIA’s Women in Print Breakfast. I really believe that success is dependent on your actions and accomplishments. Be fearless. Be a “do-er”, take action, don’t wait to be asked,” said Gray

The Women in Print Alliance Breakfast will be held on Friday, October 19, 7:30–9:00 am. (Tickets are $30 and are available with your SGIA Expo registration.) Contact with any questions.

SGIA — Supporting the Leaders of the Digital & Screen Printing Community

Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) is the trade association of choice for professionals in the industrial, graphic, garment, textile, electronics, packaging and commercial printing communities looking to grow their business into new market segments through the incorporation of the latest printing technologies. SGIA membership comprises these diverse segments, all of which are moving rapidly towards digital adoption. As long-time champions of digital technologies and techniques, SGIA is the community of peers you are looking for to help navigate the challenges of this process. Additionally, the SGIA Expo is the largest trade show for print technology in North America. “Whatever the medium, whatever the message, print is indispensable. Join the community — SGIA.”

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ITC Votes Unanimously Against Newsprint Tariff

Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2018 by Jules VanSant.

With a victory under our belt on uncoated groundwood paper tariffs, PIA is still actively monitoring the impact of steel, aluminum and retaliatory tariffs on its member companies. To that end, please join us tomorrow (8/30) for The New World of Tariffs: Navigating the Process as a Downstream Customer webinar.

From Printing Industries of America

In a major victory for the printing industry, Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce that the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has unanimously ruled to terminate duties currently being applied to uncoated groundwood paper, or newsprint, imports from Canada. This decision ends the tariff, and funds collected to date will be reversed over a period of three to six months.

From the start, we knew this tax on newsprint would immediately harm commercial printing companies, book printers, service companies, equipment suppliers, and ultimately, consumers. After analyzing the facts, the ITC has issued the right decision to protect American jobs across the country. The printing industry can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Newsprint used by U.S. newspapers and commercial printers consists of two-thirds of uncoated groundwood paper. The spike in the cost of paper prompted harm across the industry—and forced many local newspapers to scale back reporting and reduce the number of editions they publish. The tariffs also repressed demand by small businesses that use printed advertising inserts and flyers to reach customers.

Today’s victory demonstrates the powerful results the printing industry can achieve when we flex our political might. In the face of the threat to 600,000 American jobs in the newspaper, retail, printing, and publishing industries, PIA joined forces with a broad and diverse coalition to pursue all available avenues to advocate that public officials help put an end to the tariffs. Results included a petition signed by more than 11,000 Americans from all 50 states. More than 150 members of Congress expressed opposition to the tariffs with letters to key Administration officials, testimony delivered before the ITC, or co-sponsorship of legislation in the House and Senate. In addition, both the Teamsters and the Communication Workers of America wrote letters opposing the tariffs.

Thank all of you who took time out of your daily operational roles to weigh in with the Trump Administration, Congress, and the ITC to urge the outcome decided today. Together, we can and will show just how strongly #PrintPowersAmerica.

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Federated Mutual Group and Federated Life Company named to 2018 Ward’s 50® Top Performers

Posted Friday, August 17, 2018 by Jules VanSant.

FederatedWard Group®, a Cincinnati-based consulting firm specializing in the insurance industry, recently named Federated Mutual to the top 50 U.S.-based property and casualty companies and Federated Life to the top 50 U.S.-based life insurance companies.

Ward Group annually recognizes 50 property and casualty, and 50 life-health companies that have excelled at balancing financial safety, consistency, and performance during the past five years. They conducted separate analyses on nearly 3,000 property and casualty companies and 700 life-health companies.

“We are proud to have not only our mutual company, but also our life company listed on the Ward’s 50 Top Performer list,” said Federated Insurance Chairman and CEO Jeff Fetters. “Our continued recognition by Ward Group reaffirms the strength of our risk management efforts in helping our clients succeed.”

“Low investment returns, rising loss costs, and competitive market conditions continue to impact financial returns for the industry. In selecting the Ward’s 50, we identified companies that pass financial stability requirements and measure their ability to grow while maintaining strong capital positions and underwriting results,” said Jeff Rieder, partner and head of Ward Group.

Founded in 1904, Federated Insurance is a national insurance and risk management organization that serves the property, casualty, and life insurance needs of clients in select industries. The organization has more than 500 recommendations from state, regional, and national associations and buying groups and is rated A+ (Superior) by industry analyst A.M. Best®.

At Federated Insurance, It’s Our Business to Protect Yours.®

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Improve Your Sales Conversations Now - It's Easy!

Posted Friday, August 17, 2018 by Lisa D. Magnuson, Chief Corporate Sales Strategist, Topline Sales.

Most sales people agree that planning ahead of time for important sales calls is a precursor for successful call outcomes. However, based on my observation in working with hundreds of sales people over the years, many continue to ’wing it’. Sales call after sales call, they leave the entire outcome to chance.

Pre-Call Planning Overview

The goal of pre-call planning, used in all stages of the sales process, is to think through all the important aspects of a sales call in advance of the meeting. It starts with a clear understanding of your position in your sales process and where the prospect is in their buying journey.

Advance planning ensures you and all participants are on the same page prior to the customer meeting, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of the call. Ultimately, consistent pre-call planning improves your ability to effectively manage desired change for the customer and optimize your sales results.

Purpose of Pre-Call Planning

  • Increase sales call effectiveness
  • Pre-planning ensures all participants are on the same page
  • Frees sales people up to listen and stay flexible
  • Baseline approach to preparing for sales meetings

What Happens When You’re Not Prepared?

  • No sale
  • Stalled sales process
  • Lack of confidence (from customer) in you and your company
  • Waste of time - both yours and your customers
  • Reduced percentage of securing future meetings
  • No agreement on next steps/sale process in limbo
  • Exasperate an already poor customer situation (prior issues)

Summary of Benefits

  • Increase sales call effectiveness and in so doing boost close ratios by 20% or more
  • Accelerate your sales process through strategic thinking and careful planning
  • Ensure customer meetings are productive through an agenda where all participants are on the same page
  • Enhance your ability to truly listen and stay focused and flexible
  • Avoid ’Bad’ calls and the associated fallout of a poorly executed customer exchange

TOP Line Account™ Sales Success Model

  • Common close ratio: 25%
  • Add consistent pre-call planning: +20%
  • Add account strategy work (Including Win Themes™, competitive blocks and executive engagement): +20 - 30%
  • New close ratio: 65 - 75%

To help you jump-start your efforts and ensure a higher or more consistent degree of success, I’m offering an easy to use Pre-Call Planning Tool. Simply CLICK HERE and scroll down to the Pre-Call Planning Guide to download your fillable PDF today.

About Lisa Magnuson:

Lisa Magnuson is an expert in corporate strategic sales and TOP Line Account™ revenue building. As a respected sales consultant and author, Lisa works with clients to build successful strategic sales programs that drive revenue from large new accounts and enable growth from existing high value customers. Learn more at

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