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Where is your quiet island?

Posted Friday, October 18, 2013 by Jules VanSant.

A quick case study brought to you by Teri LeVine — Contributing Writer, Marketing Maven, consultant to PPI, and owner of MC2 Marketing.

We’re surrounded by mind-boggling technology and communication tools that rarely allow us to break away and sit quietly. Think. Ponder. Dream.

Then, in the midst of the sensory overload of the SXSW Music Film Interactive 2013 trade show, one exhibitor dared to create a quiet island and captured its charm in this engaging video.

I applaud PaperBecause for daring to be different and proving how awesome it is that they can stand apart. The humor is subtle and the irony so creative. PaperBecause points out that we take ourselves very seriously as we seek the latest, greatest, and most innovative, but miss out on the pure pleasure of our oldest communication medium… ink on paper (I even feel I should whisper it). They successfully illustrated that we still have a relationship with paper… holding a REAL book, indulging in artistic expression, sharing stories, and dreaming.

As a marketer, I am inspired to focus more on how my clients can differentiate their brands in unique and memorable ways – from their identity to their hot websites to how they approach to social media. The goal is always a positive lasting impression that motivates purchase and loyalty.

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