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Career Day with 62 Students Talking PRINT – What fun is that!?!

Posted Wednesday, January 8, 2014 by Jules VanSant.

We are so fortunate with our educational Trust Fund and the support of our members, trustees and the School to Work Program to bring forth yet another career day showcasing the exciting job opportunities within Visual Communication firms.

62 Students, coffee, water, Costco Muffins and a cast of a dozen to give tours, discuss position descriptions, show off the equipment, explain that PRINT IS NOT DEAD to a generation that is pinned with that belief (of which I don’t necessarily buy).

We’ll share stats from ChoosePrint, Print Grows Trees, Print In the Mix, Print is BIG and other advocacy groups who have stats on how PRINT is the communication glue that brings digital to another level. And how it’s environmentally sound, not harmful nor killing trees.

We’re thrilled to illustrate how interests in computers and IT can lead to prepress and digital press operators. That designers can make money creating campaigns within a print facility. How social high schoolers, leaders might make terrific sales people, customer service reps or even run a shop. Engineering fans can get creative with processes, technology applications and streamlining the customer experience at a printing plant. Love numbers? How about becoming an estimator or accounting lead?

We’re Big. We’re in a new era. Print isn’t going away. AND There’s so much talent out there – Print needs them! With the advancements in communications, integration and specialization out there, upcoming high school, trade school and college graduates can use an industry like ours. Print conception through execution thrives on innovation, hard work, technical savvy while creating beautiful messaging in marketing, packaging, point of sale, direct mail… so much we touch every day!

We can’t express how happy we are as the regional association serving the Visual Communications and Print industry to have the opportunity tomorrow to connect with the students from the tri-county area. Thanks @SchooltoWorkSTW @WhyVizComm and @BBPrintSource for helping to pull this together for our kids and our future. Photos to come.- See more at: