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Printing Industry Safety BLOG – Check it out!

Posted Thursday, January 23, 2014 by Jules VanSant.

Safety– Know It, Live It

Due to higher-than-average machine related injuries, OSHA has placed the printing industry on its list of high hazard industries for amputations. As a result OSHA has been very aggressive under its National Emphasis Program on the prevention of amputations through inspections of and enforcement on the printing industry.

Safety in the workplace needs to be a top priority in print shops—especially when there’s the risk of serious injury and hefty penalties. We know accidents do happen and to help keep safety at the forefront of people’s minds we’ve developed a series of safety posters.

This set of posters communicates the importance of equipment safety practices as they relate to basic lockout/tagout procedures, machine guarding, and proper use of safety controls. These posters stand out with their bright colors and pictures to remind employees to practice safe techniques.

There’s even a QR code on the poster that, when scanned, provides the contact information for our manager of environmental health and safety affairs, Rick Hartwig.

The set of posters is available as a free high-resolution PDF download for members ($15 for non-members) to print and display around equipment, hang in the pressroom, break room, or common area.For more information about the safety posters or any of the products or services offered by Printing Industries of America’s Environmental, Health, and Safety department visit or call 800-910-4283, ext. 792.- See more at: