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HR News You Can Use in the NW – February 2014

Posted Thursday, February 13, 2014 by Jules VanSant.

PPI has many partners to support HR efforts within Print & Visual Communication firms of all shapes, capabilities and sizes.

Meet PayNorthwest – our regional partner with Payroll services for any size company, HQ in Seattle. Below you can explore what what great information they offer aside from savings and expertise tailored to meet your company’s individual needs.

Ready for the ACA Changes that Kicked in January 1st?

With all the delays, website malfunctions, and general confusion surrounding theAffordable Care Act, you may have the misguided impression that little of significance changed when the calendar flipped to 2014. Such a notion needs to be corrected. Read on, to learn key provisions, which kicked in for plan years beginning with 2014.Failure to Report for Work

When an employee fails to show up for work, what can an employer do? What about employees who seem to come in whenever they feel like it? Can you fire them? For answers to these challenging questions, read on.Copyright © 2014

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PIA HR Update February 2014

Work Wellness May Reduce Illness Costs, Lifestyle Maintenance Less Effective

Workplace wellness programs can lower health care costs in workers with chronic diseases, but components of the programs that encourage workers to adopt healthier lifestyles may not reduce health costs or lead to lower net savings, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

Examining a large employee wellness program offered by PepsiCo, researchers found that efforts to help employees manage chronic illnesses saved $3.78 in health care costs for every $1 invested in the effort.

However, the program’s lifestyle management components that encourage healthy living did not deliver returns that were higher than the costs. The results are published in the January edition of the journal Health Affairs. READ MORE HERE

Best Workplace Metric: Job Descriptions

One hundred percent of winners in the 2013 Best Workplace in the Americas competition had written job descriptions for their employees. Is your company in need of job descriptions? Find more than 200 at (member login required).These monthly updates are a service to the PPI Membership though our partnership with Printing Industries of America. Learn more about what is available


Alert: Prepare your business for school closures due to teachers’ strikes

After being closed for three days due to an ongoing teacher’s strike, Medford, Oregon schools have reopened with substitute teachers and a shortened four-hour school day. Portland public school teachers have authorized a strike to start February 20, 2014, and unless an agreement is reached the schools will be closed for at least the first three days while the district trains substitutes.

If you have employees who have kids in these school districts, then you have employees who may be preoccupied with finding child care, worrying about the impact the strike may have on their kids or their own jobs. Even if your employees don’t live in these areas, it’s still a good idea to have a plan in place in case your local schools temporarily close. It could be a teachers’ strike, or it could be something else, such as weather, fire, or contagion. As an employer, the best things you can do for your employees in these uncertain times are to plan and to communicate. READ MORE HERE- See more at: