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In celebration of “Prepress Week” create a new survival plan!

Posted Thursday, March 13, 2014 by Jules VanSant.

Pull out the party favors! “Prepress Week” is February 23–March 1. It’s the easiest part of your Print production… isn’t it? Ok, it’s a challenge when files are coming in from different sources, platforms, projects, customers… get a game plan on to make this area more of a profit source instead of a black hole!

Would you say price, services, and quality make up the key formula for a print service provider to reach their sales goals? If you said yes, then it’s time to resolve to make a new business survival plan for 2014 with help from our February/March Book of the Month (and it’s 15% off)!

In Guide to Integrated Marketing and Media Convergence, author Thad Kubis does more than just preach the need for digital marketing. He provides a unique prescription based on emerging media technologies and the ways they can expand your skill set, service offerings, and business opportunities.

As the PSP role evolves, it’s important to be able to adapt to the new needs defined in the marketplace. When you grasp these concepts, your role for your customers changes from mere service provider to valued partner—a collaborator and valid source of knowledge and innovation. Using the tools, advice, and knowledge in this guide, you’ll be in a prime position to manage your clients’ programs in full.

Key takeaways include:

How to engage your customers to open the door to more business and salesProfit strategies with integrated marketing communicationsHow to overcome your clients’ concerns about the value of your services

If you want to increase sales, integrated marketing is the ticket. Learn more when you read Guide to Integrated Marketing and Media Convergence: The Print Provider’s Guide to Use, Sell, and Profit from Integrated Marketing and Emerging Technologies.

Get the Book of the Month deal while it lasts! Save 15% with Discount Code IMMC. Offer expires March 31, 2014. For more information on this topic, read the 7-Minute Solutions from author Thad Kubis.

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