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SCAM ALERT – Printers of all Types Beware!

Posted Friday, March 14, 2014 by Jules VanSant.

Here is an email letter I received today. Not unlike others that I have received over the past few years for fliers, they do respond, asking for an attractive quote and willing to use a card for payment, but asking for you to prepay the shipping… but the card never works, even if you get pre approval.

Guess where that money goes… along with any really money to you. That’s right, to the scammer. And any inventory you purchased to cover the project… ouch.

Good Day,

My name is Arnold Desmond. I’m the C.E.O/Owner, Jim Pex Group Nig. Ltd. We are agent to several Ministries in Nigeria on contract basis.Right now, we are contacting you to ascertain your position and capability to bid for the supply of 1,200,000 pieces of T-

shirt to the Ministry of Health for the On-going AIDS Eradication campaign/program in the country. If you can bid for this contract through me as your local agent here, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.

T-shirt Specifications:1). Color: White

2). Sizes: L: 500,000pcs, XL: 400,000pcs, Small: 100,000pcs, Medium: 200,000pcs3). Type: Normal European type4). Neck: Round Neck5). GSM: 1806). Price: $6.0 per T-shirt7). Printing: No printing8). Embroidery: No Embroidery9). Mode of Payment: 100% upfront by T/T . 40% of total contract sum paid to commence production after signing c

ontract agreement and the remaining 70% to be paid after production but before shipment.


Contact person: Mr. Arnold DesmondCell: +xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Make sure your sales people, estimating department and CSRs know to be suspicious and not enamored with the “great opportunity.” It’s only going to end bad, on so many levels.- See more at: