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Updating Your Employee Handbook – My Notes from Barran Liebman Breakfast 041614

Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2014 by Jules VanSant.

NOTES and links via our Twitter Feed: ‪@PPIassociation
(so read it BOTTOM TO TOP)

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A HUGE Thank you to Andrew Schpak, Traci Ray and the entire staff of Barran Liebman for hosting this informative event from their offices! Spectacular view as well as important, enlightening information :)


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Confidentially policy may be better as a separate document instead of in the handbook ‪#barranliebman#ppimember365

Be smart – include workweek, pay periods, clocking in/out requirements, falsification language in handbook ‪#barranliebman#ppimember365

Be clear on vacation /sick leave policies with as many conditions on use it/ lose it/payouts ‪#ppimember365#barranliebman

Employees can be told they have a duty to report workplace safety issues and/or violence ‪#barranliebman#ppimember365

Include “non exhaustive list” in standard of conduct to keep open potential disciplinary action when warrants. ‪#ppimember365#barranliebman

Alcohol & drug policies should be clearly stated yet employer needs to understand how to navigate based on laws ‪#ppimember365#barranliebman

Items to consider when writing handbook search policies ‪#barranliebman AndrewSchpak_BarranLiebman_0414‪#ppimember365 ‪

Super important: NO expectation of privacy policy can protect employer, reserve right to search & monitor ‪#barranliebman ‪#ppimember365

Do you address domestic violence leave or rest breaks for expressing milk in your employee handbook? ‪#barranliebman ‪#ppimember365

FMLA, disability & other protected leave issues addressed in handbook, posters & forms. Make sure supervisors in the know. ‪#ppimember365

Does your employee handbook have a good whistle blower / complaint clause? Time to review? ‪#barranliebman #ppimember365#HR

Create the framework to create a strong relevant handbook with this outline ‪#BarranLiebman ‪#ppimember365

Starting breakfast & learning about employee handbook updates with Andrew Schpak @ Barran Liebman ‪ ‪#ppimember365