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OSHA & First Aid Supplies - What you need to know

Posted Monday, March 9, 2015 by Leslie Kipnis.

From PPI Partner G&K Services

Did you know that according to OSHA 1910.151 workplaces should have adequate first aid supplies stored in an area where they are readily available for emergency access? In an effort to help businesses protect their employees and meet regulatory requirements, G&K Services is now offering a first aid program to all customers in the US. All of G&K’s first aid cabinet solutions either meet or exceed OSHA regulations and contain all ten items required to meet ANSI standards. G&K’s unique first aid solutions dispense supplies one at a time, controlling excess usage and overstocking costs. Customers can expect predictable billing with a simple weekly flat rate. This program is backed by G&K Services’ customer promise and commitment to service excellence with a G&K representative regularly servicing the first aid cabinets, to make sure they remain fully stocked. Other new products include portable first aid kits, ideal for use in vehicles, blood borne pathogen kits, and a first responder eye wash station.

OSHA 1910.151 can be viewed in its entirety at OSHA.GOV.

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