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Print Industry Be Aware: OSHA updates its National Emphasis Program on Amputations

Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2015 by Gary Jones, Assistant Vice President, EHS Affairs Printing Industries of America.

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OSHA has updated its National Emphasis Program (NEP) on amputations and it is not good news for the printing industry. Due to the continued experience of amputations occurring in the printing industry, the list of covered printing types has been expanded from just commercial printing operations the previous version of the NEP. The covered printing operations now include the following segments of the printing industry:

The significance of the NEP is that it provides OSHA with a legal basis to inspect any identified industry segment without warning or prior notice. Since the NEP has been released we are aware of several printing operations that have been inspected and cited for violations of machine guarding and lockout/tagout requirements. OSHA has been proposing the maximum penalty of $7,000 for each identified violation and has been itemizing all violations causing the proposed penalties to be in the mid to upper five figures.

All printing companies are urged to perform a critical review of their machine guarding and lockout/tagout programs to ensure they are current and compliant, including employee training and management oversight. If you need assistance with evaluation your programs, please contact the Printing Industries of America EHS Affairs team at or (800) 910-4283.