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Don't Miss your 'Window of Opportunity' with the C-Suite

Posted Tuesday, November 3, 2015 by Lisa Magnuson, Top Line Sales LLC.

alt textMany sellers don’t recognize the precious few windows of opportunity to access the C-Suite. When it comes to your TOP Line Accounts™ (i.e. largest prospect or most important customers worth at least 2x your average customer or deal size), these open windows can be deal makers or breakers.

Open Window One:

There’s a window of opportunity right after contract signature but before implementation where a lot can get accomplished. Why? Executives are interested in the very beginning stages of a project to set the stage. Right after your win celebration and win retrospective, you can help the executive by giving them briefing points and reinforcing the importance of their role in support of the initiative. Accessing a key executive early in the contract is an important component of setting yourself up for future business. Seizing this window of receptivity post-contract is a smart move.

Open Window Two:

C-Suite executives want to ensure a positive ROI on any big investment. If you have important information and data on your project’s ROI impact, then they will be very receptive to meeting with you. This also allows you to ask how they would like to receive timely reports on progress. Many people miss this brief but critical opening.

Open Window Three:

Executives are also interested in new and creative ideas which could lead to a project. (I.e. deciding if your ideas will move their company agenda forward) For a complete list of ’why’ executives want to meet with you, see my BLOG at

Capitalize on these windows of opportunity and watch your win rates skyrocket. Good luck in your efforts to ring the bell more frequently with TOP Line Account™ victories!

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When was the last time your team closed a seven-figure contract? Let Top Line Sales instill the know-how into your sales organization to identify, cultivate and close strategic account opportunities through a field-proven process that includes, the right tools, strategic training and live deal coaching. Our clients boast of closed contracts totaling over $100 million in new revenue due to our commitment to ’roll up our sleeves’ to help your team win.