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Recruiting and Layoffs - Where to Find the Workforce of the Future

Posted Friday, November 20, 2015 by Jules VanSant.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the U.S. workforce has an average age of 42, while our print & graphic communication’s industry’s average age is 46.

We are seeing more retirements, but also seeing more open positions as companies experience growth. While we encourage all members to recruit from colleges, universities, high schools, and vo-tech centers, getting high-end talent for today’s needs remains a challenge.

There is a source of talent that not all printers capitalize on, however: Displaced workers. While plant closings are thankfully slowing, we have seen some big closing announcements this year. Don’t forget that there are many industry job banks out there, including Printworkers and many affiliate job banks. Hiring production talent with the right experience from a thousand miles away is not unheard today. See for an expanded list of recruiting sources.

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The industry pays very well as illustrated in our 2015 Wage & Benefit Survey. This national and regionally based study will give you a good sense of pay levels and expectations for the employers looking to recruit locally or from across the country. If you would like to purchase a copy of the report as a member or want more information about this and other support we offer in this quest, contact PPI.

Also Keep in mind that PPI along with the Pacific Printing Industries Educational Trust is working hard in the region to encourage high school and community college students to consider print and visual communications firms as a viable, positive career opportunity for the future. Along with attending career fairs, our WhyVizComm program is expanding School to Work deep dive days for students to learn about the variety of opportunities and career paths our industry offers. Take time to check out to learn more. If you would like to engage your local high school with our program, contact to learn more!

We are looking to support the re-engagement of the community college system and support 1 - 2 year training programs for bindery, press-room, pre-press and other key production positions. We also offer scholarships through our PrintROCKS Poster contest in high school and college level as well as supporting the Skills USA participants from our region.

We need your involvement and support. See why donating to our educational trust matters at>EdTrust. Contact Jules @ PPI 503-221-3944 to learn more and help make something happen through volunteering or making a donation.