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With Great Printing Power, Comes Great Responsibility to Show How Your PrintROCKS!

Posted Thursday, June 2, 2016 by Jules VanSant.

Ahhh it’s almost summertime. It’s that time of year again to pull out the iced tea, put your feet up and take a look at how your year is progressing by reviewing the amazing projects you’ve been working on! But what then? How are you going to show your printing prowess to those next customers? The forces of change and uncertainty are everywhere… what can you do?!?!

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KABAM!!!! That’s right… it’s PRINTROCKS season!

As this year’s superhero theme states: With great printing power, comes great responsibility. No matter how small, how large, what substrate or application… you MUST remember to continue promoting your talents, capabilities, staff superpowers and ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound (okay, maybe you can’t do that). Get the recognition deserved by entering PrintROCKS… make this be your breakout year!

We’re here to help you at any level - we’ll even throw our capes on and help get your entries prepped! Check out for the AMAZING and expanded list of categories, use our easy peesy online form to enter and BOOM!

We’re just here to help ma’am.

It’s year #9 – make it YOUR Breakout year!

Truth, Justice, and AMAZING print.