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New Sales Manager? How to Get Off to a FAST START

Posted Wednesday, November 2, 2016 by Lisa Manguson.

Congratulations on your recent promotion to the role of sales manager. You earned it by your outstanding sales performance. Nice title, maybe an office, good career building move but now you have to do the job. What is the best way to get off to a fast start with your new sales team? Before you fall into the trap of ‘immediate overwhelm’ and try to fight your way out by doing what you know best – selling as if you were still an individual contributor – stop and think about the A, B, C’s. For new sales managers, the A (Assess), B (Build) and C’s (Catapult) are a life saver.

Assess: Step back and assess your team. Use formal assessments along with observations and a solid analysis of their results. What are the strengths and true motivations of each of your sellers? Prioritize field travel and take careful note of their preparation, approach, selling skills. You have a golden opportunity to develop an unbiased baseline for each of your people from which to build.

Build: Resist piling up meetings but instead build your management foundation. Decide on the core activities that will drive your success and calanderize those things first. Consider field travel, coaching, seller growth and development and recognition as part of your base. Build your team on a rock solid foundation.

Catapult: Top sales managers lead their teams to the top of the rankings month after month and year after year. They know how to catapult each team member to excellence. New sales managers must shift from individual contributors to team champions. The only way to accomplish this with so many distractions is to keep your vision set on the critical few versus the unnecessary many.

Wow, that first month flew by. Did you put the A, B, C’s to work? If so, congratulations on an outstanding month. You’re off to a fast start with momentum to carry you forward.