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Washington State Election Results

Posted Thursday, November 10, 2016 by Bill Stauffacher, PPI Lobbiest-- Washington State.


Since the Election Day evening results were first reported, Washington state elections officials have tallied an additional 700,000 ballots. With over 600,000 ballots yet to be counted, the latest results are providing a clearer yet still uncertain picture about the make-up of the 2017 Washington State Legislature.

As of Veterans Day, November 11, at 7:00 PM, we know:THE STATE HOUSE IS BLUE OR PURPLE: With a pair of too-close-to-call races, the potential outcomes in the House include a 49-49 tie, Democrats keeping a one-seat 50-48 majority, or Democrats increasing to a two-seat 51-47 majority.THE STATE SENATE IS RED: The Senate Republicans will have a one-seat 25-24 majority.

HOUSE: 50-48 DEMOCRATS WITH TWO RACES TOO CLOSE TO CALL AND A 49-49 TIE NOW POSSIBLE:Democratic or split-party control of the House depends on the outcome of these two races:19th District (Longview, Aberdeen and coastal SW Washington): This long-held Democratic seat appears to be headed into the GOP column. Democratic challenger Teresa Purcell has a 83-vote lead over Republican challenger Jim Walsh, but the post-election ballots have trended strongly for Walsh. The winner will replace appointed Democratic state Rep. JD Rossetti, who was defeated in the primary.

30th District (Federal Way): GOP Rep. Teri Hickel is losing by 890 votes to Democratic challenger Kristine Reeves. Nearly 39,000 ballots have been counted and at least 17,000 ballots must be tallied. The margin between Hickel and Reeves has grown closer with each set of counts announced since election night.

Here are the combination of outcomes and how each would impact control of the House:A 49-49 Democratic-Republican tie if GOP Walsh wins in the 19th and GOP Hickel wins in the 30th.

A one-seat 50-48 Democratic majority if GOP Walsh wins in the 19th and Democrat Reeves wins in the 30th.

A one-seat 50-48 Democratic majority if Democrat Purcell wins in the 19th and GOP Hickel wins in the 30th.

A two-seat 51-47 Democratic majority if Democrat Purcell wins in the 19th and Democrat Reeves wins in the 30th.

SENATE: 25-24 GOP COALITION MAJORITY:The Senate Republican Majority Coalition Caucus now have a one-seat 25-24 majority, down from their two-seat 26-23 majority prior to the elections.

Among the five targeted races in the upper chamber, only one race changed parties: GOP Sen. Steve Litzow lost to Democratic challenger Lisa Wellman in the 41st District (Mercer Island and Bellevue)

Democratic Sen. Mark Mullet is defeating GOP challenger state Rep. Chad Magandanz, though the margin may tighten considerable before all ballots are tabulated.

Two incumbent GOP senators – Barb Bailey in the 10th (Whidbey Island and parts of Skagit and Snohomish counties) and Steve O’Ban in the 28th (University Place and Lakewood) – have won re-election. Republican Rep. Lynda Wilson won in an open-seat race for the GOP-held seat in the 17th (suburban Vancouver) to replace retiring Republican Sen. Don Benton.

STATEWIDE:The non-partisan race for the superintendent for public instruction is the only statewide contest that remains too close too call. State Rep. Chris Reykdal has a 50.85-49.15 lead over educator Erin Jones in the fight to replace Randy Dorn as the state’s chief education official. Reykdal is likely to win, but the margin will get tighter.

RANDOM CATCH-ALL:Thurston County has long been a blue-green bastion for progressive-left social and environment causes. However, Olympia voters rejected by a 55%-45% margin a high-earners income tax ballot measure that proposed to fund college tuition for local high school graduates. But wait, there’s more! On the Thurston County Commission, there are no longer any Democratic commissioners. Two newly elected commissioners - a staunchly-conservative former sheriff who ran as “No Party Affiliation” and a center-right candidate who ran as an independent – join a previously elected independent commissioner. Strange but true.Republican state Sen. Bruce Dammeier is the Pierce County Executive-elect, winning with a 52%-48% margin.

Republican state Sen. Pam Roach is winning her Pierce County Council race by 98 votes.Former Democratic House Appropriations chair Hans Dunshee is losing in his race to retain the Snohomish Council seat he was appointed to earlier this year.And finally, just another sign of voter dissatisfaction with our presidential candidate choices: more Washington voters cast their ballots in the US Senate race than for the top-of-ballot US presidential race.

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Initial Update on 11/10/16


Washington state voters once again showed their royal blue Democratic colors - though some Republican flag-red stripes emerged in key state legislative races that means the Washington State Legislature will very likely remain in split-control with Senate Republicans and House Democratic majorities.

GOVERNOR: Democratic Governor Jay Inslee coasts to an easy win for a second term.

STATE SENATE (PRE-ELECTION 26-23 REPUBLICAN MAJORITY): On Election Night, the Senate GOP is maintaining their majority by a narrow one seat, 25-24 margin.

STATE HOUSE (PRE-ELECTION 50-48 DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY): House Democrats will keep the majority but several races remain too close to call. Their majority will likely range from one to five seats.

STATEWIDE RACES: Incumbents win in the Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Insurance Commissioner races; open-seat Democratic challengers win in Lt. Governor, Auditor, and Lands Commissioner races; a GOP Treasurer; and the Superintendent of Public Instruction race remains too-close-to-call race.

INITIATIVES: Passing - a significant minimum wage increase and mandatory paid family leave; Failing – a carbon tax and a public voucher campaign finance system.

FEDERAL: As expected, Hillary Clinton wins Washington’s 12 electoral votes, but that wasn’t enough to trump GOP results from around the nation; Democratic U.S Sen. Patty Murray wins a fifth term with a big win, all congressional incumbents win re-election; and Democratic state Sen. Pramila Jayapal wins the open seat in the Seattle-centric 7th district.



5th (D-held seat): DEMOCRATIC HOLD - Democratic Sen. Mark Mullet defeated GOP challenger Rep. Chad Magendanz with 53.38%.

10th (R-held seat): GOP HOLD: Republican Sen. Barbara Bailey defeated Democratic challenger Angie Homola with 54.89%.

17th (R-held seat) GOP HOLD: In the open seat race to replace Republican Sen. Don Benton, Republican state Rep. Lynda Wilson beat Democrat Tim Probst with 54% of the vote.

28th (R-held seat) GOP HOLD, GOP LEAD TOO CLOSE TO CALL: GOP Sen. Steve O’Ban has a 52%-48% lead over Democratic challenger Marisa Peloquin.

41st (R-held seat) DEMOCRAT GAIN: Democratic challenger Lisa Wellman defeated Republican Sen. Steve Litzow 55%-45%.

Other New Senators:1st (D-held): Democratic challenger Guy Palumbo replaces retiring Democratic Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe.

12th (R-held): GOP Rep. Brad Hawkins defeated GOP candidate Jon Wyss.

16th (R-held): GOP state Rep. Maureen Walsh won and replaces retiring GOP Sen. Mike Hewitt.

22nd (D-held): Democratic Rep. Sam Hunt won and replaces Democratic Sen. Karen Fraser, who ran for Lt. Governor and lost in the primary election.

24th (D-held): Democratic state Rep. Kevin Van De Wege won and replaces retiring Democratic Sen. Jim Hargrove.

25th (R-held): Republican state Rep. Hans Zeiger won and replaces GOP Sen. Bruce Dammeier, who is winning in the Pierce County Executive race.

Appointments (Special Elections in 2017):45th (R-held): Sen. Andy Hill’s passing last week means an appointment process will occur in the near future.

48th (D-held): Democratic state Rep. Cyrus Habib’s election as Lt. Governor means an appointment process will also occur for this seat.


5th (R-held) GOP LEAD, TOO CLOSE TO CALL: GOP challenger Paul Graves has a 50.3%-49.7% lead over Democratic challenger Darci Burner.

5th (R-held) DEMOCRATIC LEAD, TOO CLOSE TO CALL: Democratic challenger Jason Ritchie is defeating incumbent GOP Rep. Jay Rodne 50.46%-49.54%.

17th (R-held seat) GOP LEAD, TOO CLOSE TO CALL: Republican challenger Vicki Kraft has a 50.55%-49.45% lead over Democratic challenger Sam Kim.

19th (D-held seat) DEMOCRATIC LEAD, TOO CLOSE TO CALL: Democratic challenger Teresa Purcell has a 50.44%-49.56 lead over GOP challenger Jim Walsh.

28th (R-Held Seat) GOP LEAD, TOO CLOSE TO CALL: GOP Rep. Dick Muri has a 51.72%-48.28% margin over Democratic challenger Mari Leavitt.

30th (R-held seat) DEMOCRATIC GAIN: GOP Rep. Linda Kochmar lost to Democratic challenger Mike Pellicciotti 55.3%-44.7%.

30th (R-held seat) DEMOCRATIC LEAD, TOO CLOSE TO CALL: Democratic challenger Kristine Reeves has a 52.21%-47.49% lead over GOP Rep. Teri Hickel.

31st (D-held seat) GOP GAIN: Republican challenger Phil Fortunato defeated Democrat challenger Lane Walthers 56.88%-43.12% in the race to replace retiring Democratic Rep. Chris Hurst.

44th (R-held seat) GOP LEAD, TOO CLOSE TO CALL: GOP Rep. Mark Harmsworth is leading 52.73%-47.27% over Democratic challenger Katrina Ondracek

Key Races-Clear Winner6th (R-held seat) GOP HOLD: GOP challenger Mike Volz defeated Democratic challenger Lynnette Vehrs.

25th (R-held seat) GOP HOLD: Republican challenger Joyce McDonald rolled to a 55.41%-44.59% victory over Democratic challenger Michelle Chatterton.

26th (R-held seat) GOP HOLD: GOP Rep. Jessie Young wins by 54.87%-45.13% margin against former Democratic Rep. Larry Seaquist.

28th (D-held seat) DEMOCRATIC HOLD: Democratic Rep. Christine Kilduff defeated GOP challenger winning Paul Wagemann 55.04%-44.96%.

35th (R-held seat) GOP HOLD: GOP Rep. Dan Griffey defeated Democratic challenger Irene Bowling 54.5%-45.5%.

35th (R-held seat) GOP HOLD: GOP Rep. Drew MacEwen beat Democratic challenger Craig Patti 54.19%-45.81.

44th (D-held seat) DEMOCRATIC HOLD: Appointed Democratic Rep. John Lovick defeated GOP challenger Janice Huxford.

Top-Two Open Seat Races12th (R-held) GOP HOLD: Mike Steele defeated Jerry Paine.

43rd (D-held) DEMOCRATIC HOLD: Democrat Nicole Marci defeated Democrat Dan Shih.

49th (D-held) DEMOCRATIC HOLD: Monica Stonier returns to Olympia, defeating fellow Democrat Alishia Topper.


LT. GOVERNOR: State Sen. Cyrus Habib defeated GOP candidate Marty McClendon.

SECRETARY OF STATE: GOP incumbent Kim Wyman defeated Democratic challenger Tina Podlodowski.

TREASURER: GOP candidate Duane Davidson defeated fellow Republican Michael Waite in a first for Washington state – a top-two GOP election for a state-wide office.

AUDITOR: Democratic Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy defeated GOP state Sen. Mark Miloscia.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: First-term Democrat AG Bob Ferguson is winning easily over a libertarian opponent.

COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC LANDS: Democrat Hillary Franz defeated Republican Steve McLaughlin 54.89%-45.11%.

SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION (TOO CLOSE TO CALL): Democratic state Rep. Chris Reykdal has a 51.15%-48.85% lead over education administrator Erin Jones.

INSURANCE COMMISSIONER: Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler will get a fifth term as the state’s insurance regulator, easily defeating GOP challenger Richard Schrock.


Position 1: Justice Mary Yu defeated challenger David DeWolfPosition 5: Justice Barbara Madsen crushed challenger Greg Lempel.Position 6: Justice Charles Wiggins won with 58%+ over Dave Larson. The business-funded independent expenditure campaign that supported Larson and attacked Wiggins clearly missed the mark.


I-732 – FAILING: Carbon Tax: A new carbon emission tax of $15 per metric ton, increasing to $25 per metric ton mid-2018 and additional annual increases of 3.5% plus inflation until a $100 per metric ton is achieved. I-732 reduces the state’s sales tax from 6.5% to 6.0% on July 1, 2017 and to 5.5% on July 1, 2018, and reduces the state’s manufacturing B&O tax rate from 0.484% to 0.001% on July 1, 2017. I-732 also expands the state’s working families tax exemption

I-735 – PASSING: Requiring the state’s congressional delegation to support a federal constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United campaign finance and political free speech ruling.

I-1433 – PASSING: Increasing the minimum wage and establishing a paid sick leave requirement. I-1433 increases the state’s minimum wage incrementally over four years to $13.50 per hour and requires employers to provide paid sick leave. The state’s minimum wage is currently $9.47. I-1433 increase the minimum to $11.00 on January 1, 2017; $11.50 on January 1, 2018; $12.00 on January 1, 2019; and $13.50 on January 1, 2020. I-1433

I-1464 – LOSING: Creating a publicly funded voter campaign finance voucher system by eliminating the out-of-state sales tax exemption.

I-1491 – PASSING: Allowing court-issued protections orders to prevent temporary access to firearms.

I-1501 – PASSING: Increasing vulnerable adult protections. I-1501 increases the penalties for criminal identity theft and civil consumer fraud targeted at seniors or vulnerable individuals. But the real fight is a SEIU-backed provision that exempts certain information of vulnerable individuals and in-home caregivers from public disclosure.


Sound Transit 3 – PASSING: The $54 billion sales, property and car registration tax increase proposal to fund expanded light rail and additional transit and Sounder (commuter heavy rail) routes throughout Puget Sound passed with 55%.

Pierce County Executive - GOP LEAD/TOO CLOSE TO CALL: GOP state Rep. Bruce Dammeier is winning 50.93%-48.85% over Democratic Pierce County Councilmember Rick Talbert.


SENATE: Democratic Sen. Patty Murray is once again winning with over 60% against GOP challenger Chris Vance.

HOUSE: Winning are Democratic incumbent Reps. Suzan DelBene (WA-1st), Rick Larsen (WA-2nd), Derek Kilmer (WA-6th), Adam Smith (WA-9th) and Denny Heck (WA-10th) and Republican incumbent Reps. Jaime Herrera (WA-3rd), Dan Newhouse (WA-4th), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-5th), and Dave Reichert (WA-8th). In the Seattle-centric 7th, the state’s only open-seat congressional seat this election year, Democratic state Sen. Pramila Jayapal easily defeated Democratic state Rep. Brady Walkinshaw.