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Luxury Purchases By Millennials Triggered By Print

Posted Tuesday, December 6, 2016 by Jules VanSant.

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Over 40 percent of luxury purchases by millennials (aged 20-early 30s) are triggered by a print magazine, according to new research.

Language of Luxury, the study from Hearst Magazines UK, explores the lives of adults aged 25-65 who have bought a luxury item in the last six months, and finds that Millennials are changing the shape of the luxury market.

As well as the key influence of print magazines, the study also found that luxury consumers want to “discover” products and are wary of over-exposure, while younger consumers care more about the ethical and environmental impact of luxury brands.

“With the vast amount of content now available, it’s understandable that more than ever, consumers need a quality edit from sources they can trust,” says Anna Jones, CEO of Hearst Magazines UK. “It’s encouraging to see the results of this project showing the vital role magazine brands continue to play in the luxury sector.”

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