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Five Ways to Boost Your Google Search Ranking

Posted Tuesday, March 21, 2017 by Jules VanSant.

alt textBy: John Foley, Jr. CEO interlinkONE and Grow Socially

As we begin this new year, 2017, it’s a good time to start thinking about marketing techniques for the new year and what has worked so far since last year and what we can improve on going forward this year. So, let’s start by taking a look at how we can improve search engine optimization moving forward. With the Internet being such a prominent part of your company’s marketing efforts, having strong SEO is crucial to marketing and developing new business. Below are five tips that will help boost your business’s SEO and improve your search ranking on Google.

Optimizing Keywords

Having a well-optimized site is important, especially if you are looking to improve your search ranking results. From improving the quality of visitors to having higher conversion rates, optimizing your site is necessary if you want to close more sales. When optimizing keywords, be sure to include them on your site. Titles, descriptions, headings, content, image file names, and URLS are all important to have optimized. Be sure to avoid forcing keywords where they don’t belong or stuffing them into titles or URLS, because it will only lead your customer into believing it is spam.

Adding Search Engine Optimized Content for Keywords

In order to optimize content for keywords, you have to select the right keyword and use it throughout your content. Don’t force the word into unnecessary places; carefully choose where and when it should be added. Once you develop content, link it to other pages that are related to the topic. By doing this, you will receive great results and show search engines know that you have authority in that specific topic. Content that can be optimized includes blog posts, e-Articles, website page copy, or even social media posts that are integrated with your site.

Setting Up and Optimizing Social Properties

Set up your social media for optimizing, and get it ready for your specific audience. By linking your social media pages together, they will co-exist and provide better responses to your content. Whether it’s your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page, have customized information that supports your business, and include images that will maximize your social media engagement.

Back Linking and Posting Articles to High Quality Websites

When back linking in articles, make sure your links are high quality and relevant, avoiding any spam or untrustworthy sources. Avoid simple and cliché tags like “Click Here” or “Read More,” and instead try to optimize your text with keyword content that has a purpose. Search engines want to make sure you have a strong variety of domains, so if all your back links are coming from only one source, it shows that your website may not be relevant. Developing a back linking strategy and involving relevant and trustworthy third party sites is one of the best ways to boost your own site’s ranking with Google.

Analyzing Your Website

Analyzing and tracking your data is necessary to having a successful and structured website. By analyzing your website, you will be able to see exactly which keywords search engines are seeing from your site, breakdown any errors, check for broken links, and track all site traffic. By doing this, you are able to get a sense of what really is going on with your website, and catch any mistakes that could happen.

By following these five tips, you are taking the necessary steps to make improvements towards your company’s SEO and search ranking with Google. Optimizing your website does take time, but with dedication, it will ultimately be worth it for the overall success of your business. Does your organization need help implementing any of these strategies? Contact me at—I’d love the chance to help you improve your business’s Google ranking!