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PPI's Newest Program - The Digital Technology Council

Posted Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by Jules VanSant.

alt textMany things are changing in the industry, most of all technology. Technology to process work, to operate more efficiently, to provide better information to customers – it is all changing the way we operate our business.

To better serve PPI members on technology issues, we have partnered with printing associations across the nation to launch a new program – PPI’s Digital Technology Council (DTC). The DTC will be PPI’s opportunity to address the latest technology in our industry to ensure that members have access to new, exciting tools and resources helping to shape the future of print.

There is no special fee or membership needed for professionals and employees of PPI member companies to participate in the DTC. For now, the delivery of the education and resources will be through webinars and articles, although future face-to-face meetings and sessions will be offered through the DTC as well.

DTC’s webinar will be Improving Digital Workflows presented by EFI on June 6 at 11:00 AM PST. Visit our website at>events to register. I hope you can join us.