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PrintROCKS! Wins Big at Premier Print Awards

Posted Friday, June 16, 2017 by Jules VanSant.

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PPI is pleased to announce the 2017 Premier Print Award Winners who were submitted into the competition at no additional charge from their wins in the 2016 PrintROCKS! Awards. 64 submissions were awarded with 24 organizations recognized for their stellar work.

Our region’s showing only reinforces once again the tremendous work done by the greater print community in the six states we serve. Bonus for the entrants is that we saved them over $13,000 collectively in processing time, shipping and entry fees.

PLUS, PrintROCKS! 2016 won a Benny! Celebrate a decade of PrintROCKS! and enter today! It’ll be the best PrintROCKS! yet! We will celebrate these wins at the PrintROCKS party September 22nd in Tacoma, WA at the Hotel Murano. The Premier Print Awards GALA will be held in Chicago, IL on September 10. More information at

ALL 2017 PrintROCKS Entries awarded Honorable Mention through First Place will once again be submitted in 2018 to the Premier Print Awards for consideration at no additional charge. You too can get this 2+++ for 1 opportunity by entering PrintROCKS today! We’re open for entries and look forward to helping you promote your amazing work. Contact: