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Social Media: Why It's So Important

Posted Wednesday, June 21, 2017 by Jules VanSant.

PPI Executive Director Featured in the June 2017 issue of PIA’s The Magazine

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Social media. Essentially a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online.

I get it, I hear it. It’s for kids. It’s for millennials. It’s not for B2B. #wrong

Let’s talk money—look at the opportunities for increasing your sales. If you were to pull your customer list, what percentage have you engaged with in the past year and, better yet, sold to? Are you happy with that? Are your sales reps reaching out to everyone on their customer list? Are buyers aware of all you do? Do they know your brand…a.k.a., your WHY?

It seems the only constant today is change. You feel it, and your customers and prospects do too. How we keep up and inform others is vital to success. A website is OK, but unless you have an active blog, many times it’s more of a brochure and is quickly dated.

LinkedIn seems to be the go-to site for a business to potentially see who the buyers are and contact them. My experience is that very little current intel can be mined from a company’s or individual’s LinkedIn pro le page. The other major channels—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.—may well be a better place to begin to understand your customers, their company culture, and what you might be missing!

BTW, your customers are doing the same thing—check- ing out your website and your social media presence to understand your offerings, relevance, and brand. Take a moment to look at what your customers see. Does it re ect the experience they’ll have when dealing with you? Are you present? Do your posts feel authentic?Was your last post three years ago? Do you even know your passwords?

You can’t escape the influence of social media conver- sations on buying decisions, company branding, and relevance to buyers. We have a “tweeter-in-chief;” watch viral videos on YouTube; and check out Yelp, Foursquare, or OpenTable when considering a restaurant. Yet, the producers of print, the second largest manufacturing industry in the U.S., have been slow to see the value of a solid social strategy. Heck, we have a bad reputation industry-wide of not marketing ourselves. So this should be no surprise.

Let’s be honest. There are sales being left on the table, new business to be mined, relationships to create, and important intel to gain. To be effective, the voice, direc- tion, and ongoing support need to come from the top down. Be a game changer—capitalize on the opportunity. Showing how print and digital communications can coexist is a great launching point to show your rm’s relevancy and start conversations. Most of your peers aren’t here yet. Your business will bene t the more we all share the awesome sauce print brings to marketing and brands!


Picture Your Social WHY?

LinkedIn: We are legit in the print industry.

Instagram: Look how amazing our print is!

Facebook: We like our print, customers, and people. Twitter: Yes we can #print #printing #paper #printrocks YouTube: Watch us print.

Yelp: This is where we print.

Pinterest: Great ideas for what you can create in print. Google+: I want to show up in print searches on Google.

SnapChat: This is what we’re printing NOW!

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