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Are You Going to Earn Gold, Silver or Bronze this Year?

Posted Thursday, January 25, 2018 by Jules VanSant.

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PPI Endorsed Hi Level sales consultant Lisa Magnuson, Top Line Sales goes the distance to bring Gold, Silver and Bronze customer engagement strategies as we celebrate the winter Olympics!

As sellers, your performance is always measured. The real question for 2018 is, will you earn a Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal or watch from the stands as the top performers collect their due recognition?

It’s true that you can’t change market conditions or the nature of your products and services. However, you control all that you need to step up to the podium. Let’s explore what it takes to medal in 2018.

Gold Medal Sales Practices

Gold medal sellers do pre-call planning before all important sales calls - religiously.

Gold medal sales people uncover big opportunities and engage the account-based team in extensive account strategy work to move the prospect through to closure.

Gold medal sales people follow a sales process built on best practices - all the time.

Silver Medal Sales Practices

Silver medal sales reps spend a lot of time understanding their prospects’ priorities and thereby develop clear Win Themes™ to improve the quality of customer interactions.

Silver medal sellers develop important relationships such as internal champions and executive sponsors.

Silver medal sales people aren’t afraid to ask for customer or prospect opinions about solving their problems. They develop competitive blocks early in the sales process.

Bronze Medal Sales Practices

Bronze medal account executives use all their sales resources. They know that bigger wins are the result of tapping into expert resources.

Bronze medal sales reps add value to their client relationships on a regular basis.

Bronze medal account managers facilitate natural conclusions which lead to expanded business.

You can take gold in 2018. Think about what that might mean for your career, for your personal gratification, for your family.

Good luck as you Ring the Bell more frequently in 2018 by embracing all the sales practices - gold, silver and bronze!