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How to Get Students Interested in Print

Posted Monday, October 1, 2018 by John Berthelsen, VP-Development, Print & Graphic Scholarship Foundation.

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Companies throughout the industry (and this includes suppliers) are facing a common problem. They have an increasing number of employees who are reaching retirement age and are wondering where they are going to find replacements for these skilled workers. While this has always been somewhat of an issue for our industry, today it is becoming mission critical. A 2018 industry survey listed the top three business challenges as 1) Finding skilled sales personnel (65%), 2) Finding skilled production employees (42%), and 3) Recruiting and retaining employees (38%). How we address this going forward is of vital importance to the future survival of the graphic arts community. This article will not address the need to fill an opening that you have to solve in the next month but intends to look at the macro view of how you can address this issue long term and more globally.

Traditionally the graphic communications industry has done a poor job of promoting itself. In the eyes of most high school guidance counselors, and the typical parent, “printing” is thought of as a dirty non-essential and old-school industry. All over the country at both the high school and post-secondary level graphics programs are being dropped by school administrators. As a statement, very few graphics companies make an effort to support their local or regional educational programs, or to do any industry promotion.

The main focus of the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is to award funds to students who are enrolled in a vocational school or college program. But an equally important mission is to actively encourage young people to consider the graphic communications as a viable career path. It has several tools and aids available to enable recruitment of young people into the industry and to support efforts of companies on a local basis.

Get Involved on a Local Level

So, what can a company do in its own area to improve recruitment and encourage young people to consider the graphic arts as a career choice? Here are a few ideas…

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Take Action!

If enough companies start taking action, we will certainly be able to move the dial, and be able to ensure that we have enough young people entering the workforce to replace those that are leaving. Support a local or national scholarship program to perpetuate the workforce of the future. Let’s get started!

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John BerthelsenJohn Berthelsen retired from his position as CEO of Suttle-Straus in Waunakee, Wisconsin after leading the company for over 35 years. He is now working with individuals and companies to create the future employment workforce, support education and increase funding for the Foundation.