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Premier Press Announces Acquisition of JTW

Posted Friday, October 12, 2018 by Chris Feryn.

Premier Press, a leading west coast creative production company, today announced the acquisition of JTW Partners, LLC (formerly Ivey Performance Marketing) in a deal that takes effect November 1, 2018. With more than four decades in business, both companies have a long history of providing design and creative production services for major retail brands like Nike, adidas and T-Mobile.

Premier President Chris Feryn describes the acquisition as an opportunity to provide clients of both companies with a broader range of services. “We’re taking advantage of the synergies between our two companies to expand our capacity and capabilities,” Feryn said. “For our clients, this means we will be able to produce more work, faster. And they will have access to more specialized services, all under one roof.”

JTW Partners’ employee talent and equipment brings new design and expanded production capabilities to Premier Press, including:

Feryn says Premier will bring many of JTW’s employees on board, including client services representatives as well as designers and other key resources. “It’s just a really great fit. They’re coming to a good home, and we’re going to be able to grow from there,” Feryn said, adding that the transition is expected to be complete by the end of 2018. Previously, JTW Partners was known as Ivey Performance Marketing, a long-time Portland Portland retail marketing company , which became a subsidiary of Wright Business Graphics in September 2017.

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