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The Role of Promotion in Driving Digital Printing Sales

Posted Monday, October 15, 2018 by Ryan McAbee, Director, Production Workflow, Keypoint Intelligence.

Investing in digital printing devices doesn’t guarantee print demand. The key to building demand lies in promotion. Marketing communications, or promotion, is what propels the marketing and sales process for digital printing; it catapults demand.

Promoting digital printing is of prime importance because customers and prospects may not be aware of the benefits and value it can deliver. Promotion is a vital component of marketing digital printing as it can prove your ability to handle and produce digitally print jobs that yield results.

Attracting new digital printing customers or expanding share of business with current clients starts with creating awareness and educating customers on its benefits and your competency. Awareness of competency can lead to consideration as a potential supplier. If a print service provider is considered in more sales cycles, its hit rate (or close rate) for new business should increase.

Self-promotion campaigns, marketing materials, and educational efforts that demonstrate digital printing capabilities will open more doors for sales reps. These efforts also help shift the sales conversation away from a price-per-piece discussion by focusing on new opportunities and the value that digital printing can deliver.

Where Should You Start? Identify the Key Value Messages

Now is the time for you to demonstrate the value that digital printing services can deliver to your customers. Promotional efforts build awareness, showcase value, and demonstrate your ability to deliver innovative digital printing applications. Print providers that use their digital printing capabilities to demonstrate the possibilities can build stronger customer bonds and position their organizations as trusted and valued partners.

Getting your message across requires involves continually showing customers what is possible while also positioning your organization as a provider of innovative applications. Now more than ever, customers are looking for a partner—not a manufacturer—that can help them accomplish their organizational goals. Demonstrating how digital printing can help your customers maximize their communication budget dollars is a strategy that can enable you to out-finesse the competition.