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Using PrintROCKS! to win customer hearts and minds

Posted Monday, May 20, 2019 by Kristin Baldwin.

In business, we are always trying to find ways to connect and deepen our relationships with our customers. Use the PrintROCKS! competition as a reason to contact your customers about their past projects, let them know that you are entering on both of your behalves and bask in the glory together if you win.

In a previous life, as a sales and marketing director, I actively looked for opportunities to connect my customer with their target market. It was a win-win solution to helping my clients find more customers of their own and then my clients became more loyal to my business in the process. Submitting an entry into PrintROCKS will give you an excuse to reach out to that client, let them know that you respect their creativity and passion for their work and that you are their partner in creating the best-printed piece.

As a former marketing director, I would have been thrilled if the printer saw our relationship as more than just one-sided, but as a partnership in producing the best. So, reach out to your customers in the process of submitting your best work to PrintROCKS! (Deadline is July 1st – so hurry on that one). And if you do submit with a client, make sure to invite them to the PrintROCKS party on September 27th at the Redd East in Portland.

You can’t win if you don’t enter. Entries are now being accepted for 2019 Rock, Paper, Print - PrintROCKS!