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Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 by Laura Weber.

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GPA, the market leader in substrate solutions for digital, offset, and wide format printing, announces their plans for GlobalShop 2018, taking place from March 27-29 in Chicago, Ill. GPA’s experts will showcase techniques for using substrates to help brands and campaigns thrive at their booth, #2038.

With stunning samples on display, GPA aims to inspire showgoers with new ideas for creating powerful messages that drive sales, product awareness, and mindshare. This year, the products making their debut include:

  • GPA Metalized Styrene - with the appearance of metal at a fraction of the weight and cost, GPA Metalized Styrene is perfect for creating high-end signage and point-of-purchase displays.
  • AlumiGraphics® GLOW - glow-in-the-dark aluminum foil media that offers striking luminescence and a slip-resistant surface for floor graphics that command attention even in pitch-black conditions.
  • Ultra Digital® Gold and Silver Rigid Vinyl - substrates with an opulent metallic luster that add an air of indulgence to point-of-purchase signage, packaging, and loyalty and gift cards.
  • Folex® Platinum and Gold Pressure Sensitive Polyester - substrates with a precious metal shimmer that allows luxury brands to convey their value through premium product labels and retail displays.

These items are only a few of the unique substrates that can be used to build brand awareness on windows, walls, floors, and more. Whatever attendees’ promotional needs are - whether high end or economical, short-term or permanent - GPA has solutions to advance the retail marketing community.

About GPAGPA redefines the boundaries of print by providing innovative substrates, personalized business solutions, and unparalleled support to the graphics arts industry. Founded in 1940, their offering complements the widest range of printing technologies, including HP Indigo, Xerox and other dry toner, wide format, offset, and desktop printing, to help make impactful visions a reality. GPA is part of Fedrigoni Group, a leading international manufacturer and converter of value-added specialty papers founded in 1888. For more information on GPA or the products it offers, visit or contact Customer Support at 800-395-9000.

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PIA Responds to Tariff Announcements on Uncoated Groundwood Paper; Monitoring Industry Impact of Potential Aluminum Tariffs

Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 by Jules VanSant.

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In response to the announcement by the Department of Commerce regarding preliminary anti-dumping duties on Canadian imports of Uncoated Groundwood (UGW) Paper, Printing Industries of America President and CEO Michael Makin made the following statement:

“Yesterday, the Department of Commerce announced preliminary anti-dumping duties of up to 22.16 percent on Canadian imports of Uncoated Groundwood (UGW) Paper. This is compounded by preliminary countervailing duties averaging 6.5 percent on the same product announced in January. These tariffs will negatively impact paper used for newsprint, directories, book publishing, and advertising circulars, raising costs for production and, ultimately, print customers. In an industry in which it is difficult to absorb forced cost increases, the effect will likely be less production, fewer pages printed, a faster shift to digital content of news and books, and more diversion of advertising from print to electronic platforms.

All of this havoc has been caused by one company in the paper industry filing a trade remedy case alleging unfair trade practices by Canada. The majority of U.S. newsprint manufacturers, the trade associations representing the industry, and U.S. customers oppose the trade petition on UGW paper.

Demand for newsprint has declined by 75 percent in North America since 2000 due to electronic diversion and change of customer reading habits, not because of unfair competition. PIA believes firmly in the power of print to deliver news and information, and its member companies work daily to innovate and maintain print’s relevance in today’s world of multi-channel communication delivery. Tariffs on Canadian UGW paper will unnecessarily burden printing companies and their customers with cost headaches while forcing alternatives to print.

PIA and its allies in the Stop Tariffs on Printers and Publishers (STOPP) Coalition have gone directly to the Department of Commerce and Capitol Hill to make the case opposing tariffs on UGW paper imported from Canada and will continue to urge the Trump Administration to reject this trade case in light of the harmful impact such tariffs will have on a key segment of the American manufacturing economy.”

Additionally, Makin made the following statement regarding the recently announced Trump Administration policy on imported steel and aluminum:

“Promoting job growth in domestic manufacturing is at the core of PIA’s mission and we appreciate President Trump highlighting the importance of the manufacturing sector and its workers. However, there are 800,000 jobs associated with the U.S. printing industry and PIA’s first and foremost goal is to ensure the companies that provide those jobs are able to purchase equipment—including printing plates made of aluminum—without higher production costs associated with potential tariffs. PIA is closely monitoring the details of the recently announced steel and aluminum tariff to determine potential negative impact on printing facilities, possible exemptions for key components of printing equipment, and other aspects of the tariff case as the specifics of the policy unfold.”

A video statement from Michael Makin in response to the announcement can be found Here. Mr. Makin is also available for further interview.

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Printing Industries of America Launches Print Powers America — Major Industry-wide Advocacy Initiative

Posted Monday, March 5, 2018 by Printing Industries of America.

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Pittsburgh, PA— Printing Industries of America launched Print Powers America this morning, a major industry-wide initiative committed to collectively voicing the tremendous economic influence, consumer impact, and environmental stewardship made possible by print and packaging companies across the country. Spearheaded by Printing Industries of America (PIA), this multi-faceted advocacy initiative combines lobbying, grassroots action, and public affairs to promote and protect the printing and graphic communications industry.

“Printing Industries of America has long had a presence in Washington and has notched significant legislative and regulatory wins on behalf of companies throughout the industry,” said Bryan Hall, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Printing Industries of America. “We believe it is time to raise the volume of our collective voices to match the combined economic might of our industry.”

The centerpiece of Print Powers America is a new website, that provides valuable information on the dramatic economic, environmental, and consumer impact and the reach of print and packaging.

“Now more than ever, the industry as a whole needs to rally behind a powerful advocacy initiative which will shine a spotlight on print’s importance and relevance in today’s economy,” said Michael Makin, President & CEO of Printing Industries of America. “Print Powers America is open to ALL print and packaging companies, regardless of membership status in PIA. Contribution levels are tiered by number of employees so that the smallest print shop to the largest corporation can be equal partners in support of this cause.”

For more information about Print Powers America, visit Interviews and images available upon requests.

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Posted Thursday, February 22, 2018 by Bill Stauffacher.


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Please read & act now on behalf of your business / our industry. Feel free to share this email.

Any additional questions / thoughts contact PPI Executive Director Jules VanSant or PPI Lobbyist Bill Stauffacher –

House Democrats are proposing a new 7% WASHINGTON STATE capital gains tax.

This new tax would apply to business and personal capital gains that are commonly subject to federal capital gains taxes.

CALL AND E-MAIL your state legislators ASAP and tell them to VOTE NO on a new state capital gains income tax. Tell them:

This is a RETIREMENT tax!

Printers who are nearing retirement – pay attention! Selling your business would be subject to this new 7% tax. Tell legislators that you planned on the sale of your business to fund your retirement. Typical retirement plans would be exempt – but selling your business to fund your retirement would be taxed.

This is the first step toward a STATE INCOME TAX!

Once the state begins collecting your federal capital gains tax information, the state is just one step away for taxing all of your income.

The richest 1% are the target – but small businesses get hammered.

Politicians believe this tax only hits the wealthiest, top 1%. Wrong! Tell them this tax hits people like you who are fall below the richest among us.


Click on the link below, type in your business and personal addresses. Then call and email all legislators who represent you personally and where your business is located.

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PIA Launches Customer Service Professional Certification Program

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by Jules VanSant.

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Pittsburgh, PA—Printing Industries of America has launched a new Customer Service Professional Certification (CSP) program to train and validate the expertise of customer service representatives in a production print environment. The CSP Certification program will provide vital skills in the areas of professionalism, communication, management of internal and external customers, and job production situations to deliver an outstanding customer service experience.

“Customer service representatives (CSRs) play a vital role in print companies,” said Joe Marin, vice president of Education and Training at Printing Industries of America. “Great customer service can turn first-time customers into repeat customers and repeat customers into loyal customers. Having a Certified team shows that your company holds its staff to the highest professional standards and will put the needs of its customers first.”

The cost for the Customer Service Professional Certification (CSP) program is $295 for members and $495 for non-members. Purchasing the Online Course Bundle provides one year of access to the Customer Service Professional eLearning courses and one attempt to pass the certification exam. The course bundle includes:

  • Roles and Qualities for Customer Service Success
  • Customer Service in the Printing Industry
  • Print Manufacturing Concepts
  • Common Digital File Problems and Solutions
  • Communicating Color with the Client
  • Dealing with Dissatisfied Clients: Internal and External
  • Professional Communication

For more information about the Customer Service Professional Certification (CSP) program, visit

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