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Congratulations to the 2017 Hickey Pickers!

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Honoring PPI Hickey Pickers Since 1975

PrintROCKS Hickey Picker medal

In 1975 the Hickey Picker award was created to recognize those in our industry who have established and earned a reputation deserving of recognition. They are the champions of print with a keen eye for what it takes to deliver quality and service, while setting the gold standard for leadership.

On September 22 at the annual PrintROCKS! Awards in Tacoma, Washington we announced the 2017 Hickey Pickers and congratulated them on receiving the highest honor awarded by their colleagues. They will join the ranks of 175 past recipients, all of whom are held in high admiration.

The 2017 winners are…
Skip Novakovich- Esprit Graphics
Chris Hansch- WCP Solutions
Bob & Tip Bayless- Puget Bindery
Anders Viklund- Ricoh
Mike Snyder- Spicers Paper
Pat Detmer & Fred Canada- The Quincy Group
Jeremy Fararra- Premier

Congratulations 2017 Hickey Pickers!
You make PrintROCK!

Hickey Picker Awards List to see 40 years of Hickey Picker Award recipients!

About the Program

Hickey Picker award winners are considered based on the following five standards:

Longevity: A body of one’s work and contributions consistent with someone who donates their time in promoting our industry.

Reputation: This is meant to underscore the value one has in building and protecting their personal reputation.

Service to the NW Industry: This individual contributed to the NW region in some fashion, either through their own business or by representing another.

Teaching and Training: The recipient has exhibited interest in helping others learn our industry, as in “paying it forward” and sharing for the benefit of others.

Contributing to the PPI Association: A selfless contribution of time that demonstrates commitment to improving the awareness and significance of printing to others.