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We believe that some of the BEST PRINT in the WORLD comes from the seven states PPI serves! Our regional firms deserved a venue to showcase their talents to the buying world, and that’s where PrintROCKS! was born. Every spring we invite those who produce, create, design, print, finish, mail and in any way work with visual communications to enter our annual competition. From large format to business cards, from car wraps to brochures, from direct mail to point of sale and everything in between… whether created with digital technology, offset, inkjet, screen print techniques, flexography… let your imagination run wild! We’re also excited to promote cross-platform campaigns that integrate digital technology, variable data and multiple forms of media showcasing how the use of Print seriously DOES ROCK!

All pieces found to be the best in their categories, from Best of Show through Honorable Mention, are sent at no additional charge to the Printing Industries of America BENNY Awards (aka the Premier Print Awards). We are pleased to have had international winners from within our region in the past few years and expect to continue to see the companies in our region ROCK this year too! PPI is committed to marketing the winning participants in both competitions throughout the year to their current and potential buyers, as well as community members near and far. When you participate in PrintROCKS! you’ve gained a powerful marketing tool!

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