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PPI Consulting Services

PPI’s mission is to “deliver what it takes to help our members become more successful and profitable in their businesses.” The PPI team of professionals are available to help build your company’s successful future. We understand that each member company is unique in size, market, capabilities, history, and goals. Our planning, sales, marketing, and operations programs will be designed to meet your specific needs. A PPI Consultant will:

alt text - Assess your planning, sales, marketing, and/or operations needs. A preliminary one hour assessment is provided to member firms.
- Present you with the preliminary needs assessment and a full proposal of services recommended and associated costs.
- Upon accepting our proposal, PPI will provide you with a detailed schedule of the consulting services to be completed.

You are your company’s leader and visionary.
Take the first step toward “what can be” by calling PPI today and exploring how we can be of assistance.

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You have a vision of what success looks like and a passion for building a healthy, prosperous business, but too often leaders fall victim to the “barrier trap.” They unwillingly let their team place roadblocks to success. A like-minded and visionary professional can help you dissolve the barriers and guide you in applying a consistent problem solving formula. We want to team-up with you to share the vision of what can be.

alt textLeading the consulting team, Jules Van Sant, is a visionary and leader in the print industry. As the association’s Executive Director since 2006, Jules has championed the region with forward-thinking strategies for sustainability. Her high profile presence on national task forces, committees, and industry networking initiatives, plus her business and marketing acumen has positioned Jules as a leader and inspiration catalyst for the visual communications industry.

Jules Van Sant ~ PPI Executive Director
503-221-3944 or 877-762-7742

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Every sales organization can benefit from professional coaching to refresh and build new skills, energize the team, increase “wins” in landing big contracts, improve time efficiency, and increase revenues from new clients and expanded accounts. The PPI sales consulting professionals will seamlessly integrate with your team to assess needs, strengths and opportunities. One-on-one and/or team training will deliver innovative planning skills and unique and effective sales tools.

LISA MAGNUSONLisa Magnuson, founder of Top Line Sales LLC, is an expert in strategic sales, sales marketing and revenue building. She is a qualified trainer, a sales coach, an innovative planner, and a published author. Drawing upon her years of professional training and certifications in sales, sales management, change management, and total quality management, Lisa teaches sales teams how to optimize their potential.

Lisa Magnuson ~ PPI Sales Consultant
503-753-5209 ~

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You are keenly aware of the importance of effective communication. After all, it is your business to provide your clients with printed communications that meet or exceed their quality expectations. But, how effective are you at presenting YOUR company image and service capabilities in your collateral, website, social media and print advertising, and do you have a marketing strategy that supports your growth goals? Your brand is critical to your success. How it is perceived, consistently applied, leveraged, and how it evolves will have a significant impact on new client acquisition and customer retention.

TERI LEVINETeri LeVine’s experience spans leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies to management positions with direct marketing agencies and corporate in-house Creative, Purchasing and Production teams. As owner of MC2 Marketing, Teri works with small start-up businesses and large institutional clients to bring branding and identity across all consumer/client touch points. Teri has passion for coaching clients in maximizing their marketing dollars and leveraging their brand to yield the greatest market share.

Teri LeVine ~ PPI Marketing Services Consultant
503-557-1513 ~


alt textA fresh pair of eyes can quickly assess a problem that has eluded your staff for months. Couple that with an extensive depth of experience rarely found in the printing industry, and you have a resource as good as gold.

PPI & Printing Industries of America Operations Consulting is focused on your bottom line - improved efficiency, quality, and service. We understand the barriers you face and the challenges all printing companies experience on a daily basis. Many long term employees have never seen another pressroom floor and do not have the opportunity to expand their experience in problem resolution. Engaging our Operations consultant resources could be the most significant forward step that you take in your company’s growth strategy. Whether your goal is to resolve a specific production problem, improve overall efficiency, implement and train staff on G7 or any of our other services, you will realize a long term gain on your investment.

Jules Van Sant ~ PPI Executive Director
503-221-3944 or 877-762-7742