A Note to PPI Members

PPI Members, thank you for visiting our website for important information and updates on Covid-19.  We have reached out to our seven states asking that Printers and Printing be included in the “essential business” list.   We need everyone to contact the Senators, Governors and legislative members to request printing be included on the list. Here is an example of a letter that may help you to get your point across.

Are we an Essential Business?

OREGON: Printing services weren’t listed as businesses that have been asked to close. Businesses not specifically closed by executive order are asked to go to remote workplace when possible and to institute social distancing measures for manufacturers when not possible to work remotely.  If social distancing measures are not possible then businesses are asked to voluntarily close. The Governor has not issued an essential/nonessential business closure order, but has asked all businesses to adhere to social distancing measures.

I hope business is good and you are able to comply with social distancing and remain open. We need your business to remain strong. Let me know how I can help with anything and as always give a call anytime with questions, ideas or concerns.

Christine Drazan
State Representative District 39
House Republican Leader

WASHINGTON: The “essential business” complete list is at https://coronavirus.wa.gov/whats-open-and-closed/essential-business.  To clarify status, or to petition to be added to this list, please email business@mil.wa.gov.  Keep safe, and thank you writing.

Jennifer Minich
Legislative Assistant to Senator Karen Keiser

There is a lot of confusion on what an essential business is and who qualifies and I learned something new this evening: The current shelter in place is not a mandate, just a request. If there is a mandate issued then companies would need to be registered and approved by WA Emergency Management to operate. A mandate would be (or very close to) Martial Law, where the WA Military takes over everything. So for this “request” to shelter place, any company that services Essential Critical Infrastructure customers (State, County, City, Healthcare, Medical Device, Financial Services and Food and Agriculture) and provides mailing services are classified as “essential”.

UTAH: Utah’s Economic Response Task Force presented a three-phase plan to support Utah’s economy through the public health response to novel coronavirus. The plan was released during a virtual press conference.   Please find a one-sheet on the Economic Response Plan – “Utah Leads Together” here and the complete plan here.  

To learn more about what Rep. Curtis is doing to help our small businesses and to protect the well-being of Utahns during this uncertain time, please visit this link.

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