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Looking for a career in the visual communications industry?  Looking to hire employees in the printing, graphic arts or visual media industry?  PPI can help, explore our career resources now.

Starting to Explore a Career in Visual Communications?

If you are just starting the journey into a career in visual communications, we have a whole site of career resources for you to explore.  Go to ExploreVizComm.org to find out more about the various paths in this exciting career, schools that offer those programs and how to fund your schooling. 


Visual communications is all about using images, design, and print to convey meaning and emotion to an audience. The print and graphics industry supports many different types of good-paying jobs. From graphic designers to mechanical engineers, to sales representatives, there is a wide range of opportunities for young workers. If you like being creative or doing hands-on work, the print and graphics industry may be the right fit for you.   

We help connect students with resources such as scholarships, internships, and job opportunities in the print and graphics industry. 


We support educators who want to better connect educational content with industry demand. At ExploreVizComm, we develop and promote opportunities to get teachers and students outside of the classroom and have real-world experiences in the industry.  Educators that partner with us can also get discounted access to the iLearning center of the Printing Industries of America.  We encourage educators in the states that we serve* to have their students enter our annual student poster competition, which includes scholarship prizes up to $500. 

Job Seekers:

Upload your resume for free and get hired by one of our member companies.  Your resume will be circulated to those who have openings.  Submit your resume here.


Job listings are free for PPI members (yet another PPI member benefit).  Browse the comprehensive list of job openings available in our 7-state region.  If you wish to list a job, and aren’t currently a PPI, the listing will be $50 for three months.  

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