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ExploreVizComm is a career educational program designed to attract students to the vast job opportunities in visual communications… PRINTING! Supported by the Pacific Printing Industries Educational Trust and PPI, ExploreVizComm is the focal point in the educational program strategy.

alt textCentralizing the wealth of information available to career seekers, ExploreVizComm offers easy access to a video educational library, career information, job descriptions, job search websites, networking strategies, talent and skill competitions, “green” business practices, and more. We are also connecting with high school and community college students through various social media, job fairs, and PPI/ExploreVizComm’s School-to-Work Career Day hosted by member companies.

Here’s some snapshots of students at PPI / ExploreVizComm Career Days. We are so appreciative of the member companies who hosted these half day programs and shared their expertise with very engaged students.

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CONNECT with us so you get all the updates on career opportunities and our special events!

ExploreVizComm NEEDS SUPPORT from industry employers, suppliers and educators. We welcome your involvement and invite you to STEP-UP & PAY FORWARD by investing in the future of visual communications.

It’s easy. Just these 5 steps:

  1. Email us and offer your time to mentor a student , hire an intern, give plant tours and/or practice interviews.
  2. Help us out at the career fairs. Students get the most out of the event if they can talk to employers and industry professionals.
  3. Become an ExploreVizComm sponsor. Your marketing dollars will work hard, demonstrate your commitment, and help shape our future and that of all the young people we reach.
  4. Post the ExploreVizComm logo on your website.
  5. Contribute company literature and SWAG to our career fair program.
Just email or call us at 503.221.3944 and let PPI & the Ed Trust know how you’d like to support the ExploreVizComm career education program.

You can also make a donation to the Pacific Printing Industries Educational Trust. Your donation will directly support the ExploreVizComm & PPI print career education programs.


So, step forward. Help visual communications students take the first steps in finding the right career, the right fit.