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Educational Trust

Pacific Printing Industries Educational Trust is a non-profit charitable organization. Focused on education and related activities, the “Ed Trust” was created to help the visual communications industry ensure a continuous supply of motivated and skilled candidates at every level, from press operators to managers and CEOs, capable of powering the our industry into the future.

Like many industries, we are experiencing a shrinking labor pool as the population is trending toward smaller families and the largest segment is aging. The rapid pace of technological advances make it difficult for any industry to stay on the cutting edge. Likewise, the need for environmentally sound business practices creates the need for specialized skills and knowledge. These changing dynamics mean that we are in fierce competition for qualified employees, and we recognize that we must recruit, train, coach and nurture our future captains of industry.

The Ed Trust serves its constituents by funding the ExploreVizComm program and making available scholarships, financial aid and awards to qualified students of Visual Communications.

How can you support the Ed Trust?