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Time to Launch Your Career?

One of the most exciting benefits of a career in Visual Communications is that there are many diverse opportunities available. An “entry level” position can lead to stardom in sales, or creativity in design, or technology brain-teasers in digital graphics, pre-press and printing. Take your time to explore all the options. Network, connect and do informational interviews.


Internships Often Lead to Full Time Positions

A high percentage of interns are offered a permanent position. Keep in mind that, even if they don’t, an internship can become an excellent reference and networking opportunity. Internships may qualify for college credits, depending on the nature of the internship, the school and the employer. Be sure you understand what is required from you and the employer for you to get college credit.

Do your homework.

Research internships, the federal and state laws that apply, paid versus unpaid, and websites that post available internships. Here are a couple informative websites to just get you started: